Best Single Stage Air Compressors

If you are looking for the right air compressor to power tools in your home workshop or garage, a single stage model is usually the perfect choice. There are many units on the market which are powerful enough to run the majority of air tools and accomplish a broad spectrum of domestic tasks without costing the earth. Single stage air compressors are often referred to as piston compressors, producing pressure up to around 150 PSI - more than adequate for most common household jobs like inflation or nailing. 

Whatever the reason you are looking into purchasing a single stage air compressor, you will want to be sure that you are choosing a high quality model with a long lifespan and impressive features. If you are looking for the best single stage air compressor to suit your needs, our list of some of the top rated products on the market will help you to make an informed decision.

Anyone looking for an industrial strength, heavy duty single stage air compressor suited for the needs of a mechanic shop or service truck should look no further than the Industrial Air ILA4546065 model. Thanks to the heavy duty components, this unit has been constructed to last, even in the most demanding of working conditions. 

The oil lubricated twin cylinder pump is made of robust cast iron and features a single piece crankcase as well as a cylinder body which is thermally stable. 

With the integrated oil sight glass and accessible oil fill, refilling with oil is very simple and thanks to the 60 gallon large capacity air receiver, this unit enjoys a longer run time. 

The Industrial Air ILA4546065 unit produces a maximum pressure of 155 PSI to optimally power all kinds of air tools, with a horsepower rating of 4.7.

This durable 60 gallon 3.5 horsepower single stage sir compressor has a stationary vertical design for a compact footprint and convenient storage. Producing a higher CFM, this unit is able to deliver more air in order to accomplish tasks more rapidly. 

The pump is extra quiet when running, and features a robust cast iron cylinder, valve plate and crankshaft as well as a head made from aluminum for better heat dissipation and longevity, with a rating of 10,000 + hours. 

Purchasers can benefit from a one year limited manufacturer's warranty, but when they purchase an extended warranty kit, they can double the coverage to 2 years with 3 year coverage for the pump for complete peace of mind. This unit can produce a working pressure of between 110 and 135 PSI and operates at 14.6 CFM at 40 PSI.

Each heavy duty single stage air compressor from NorthStar has been built with longevity and robustness in mind, featuring a strong cast iron twin pump which has cast iron heads resulting in excellent heat dissipation with no heat transfer between cylinders. The pump is belt driven and oil lubricated for quiet running and a long lifespan. 

The 20 gallon air tank has been ASME certified and is tough enough to be used in even a commercial workshop environment, producing sufficient capacity to operate a wide range of air tools including air ratchets, sand blasters, nailers, impact wrenches and air brushes, among others. 

This is also a very portable unit thanks to the pull along handle and flat free tires, allowing the unit to easily be transported from task to task. The maximum PSI produced by this model is 135, with 5 CFM produced at 90 PSI.

Featuring a single stage robust cast iron, oil lubricated pump, this portable unit features an inbuilt regulator and a quick coupler to allow effective pressure control of outlet air from the 60 gallon tank which also features a 1/4" drain ball valve as well as a 1/2" outlet ball valve. 

The single phase induction motor comes with integrated overload protection for added safety while the steel wheels feature ball bearings and no-flat tires to give optimal mobility and allow convenient transportation around the workshop to complete a broad spectrum of tasks. 

This model has a horsepower of 3 and operates at a maximum PSI of 135 with a CFM of 12 at 90 PSI, which is more than adequate for the needs of any home workshop or domestic air tool requiring task. This well constructed unit is solid and strong, enjoying a long lifespan for years of trouble free use.

A great choice for any domestic customer looking for a powerful yet practical air compressor for their garage or home workshop would do well to consider the Porter Cable 30-gallon single stage air compressor. This unit features a V twin cast iron cylinder and an oil lubricated pump for long life and excellent reliability. 

Its single piece crankcase is made from iron for increased sturdiness while the cylinder body is thermally stable. This model also features an aluminum head as well as a cast iron machined valve plate, with automotive-style ball bearings and robust stainless steel reed valves. 

The convenient oil level sight glass and easy access oil fill makes refilling the unit with oil extra convenient and simple while the heavy duty induction motor ensures maximum efficiency and performance. 

The 30 gallon air tank is ASME certified and is very portable thanks to the integrated pneumatic tires which enable maximum portability from job site to job site.

For any serious DIY-er or professional user, the IRTP1.5IU-A9 unit from well known manufacturer Ingersoll-Rand is the perfect choice, packed with many excellent benefits and features. The 20 gallon tank has a vertical construction which makes it compact enough for easy storage, and features semi-pneumatic tires which enable ease of portability from place to place to accomplish a wide range of tasks. 

The 2 HP motor has a 6 foot cord and produces 5.3 CFM at 90 PSI with quiet running operation at only 8- decibels, making it a good choice in more noise sensitive environments. 

The Garage Mate compressor is able to deliver more than enough air to power all kinds of air tools including ratchets, impact guns, drills, grinders, nail guns, sanders and paint sprayers, and provides sufficient power to accomplish any task in as short a time as possible. 

The cast iron construction is durable, ensuring a long lifespan for this product, and as it offers 100% continuous duty, excellent quality and workmanship, it is easy to see why the Ingersoll-Rand brand is a top competitor in its industry.

Anyone looking for a portable and compact unit that won't break the bank should consider the PN1004 single stage air compressor from Puma Industries, which produces enough power to satisfy the needs of any domestic customer. 

As an oil-less unit, there is no ongoing maintenance to worry about and no mess of refilling, making this an especially convenient purchase, and its patented pump design guarantees less noise while running as well as improved cooling. 

Safety is also well provided for with this unit's overload protected induction motor. Running at 4 HP, this single stage compressor produces a maximum PSI of 135 and features a one gallon air tank. 

Weighing only 24 pounds, this unit is light enough to carry from job to job, and it also features an integrated carrying handle to facilitate convenient transportation. With its compact overall dimensions, this unit can also be easily stored in a garage, vehicle trunk or workshop and its strong rubber feet ensure a strong grip on the work surface when in use. 

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