Best Airbrush Compressors

Whether you are new to airbrushing and need to choose an airbrush compressor for the very first time or whether you are simply replacing an outdated model, you will want to know which is the best airbrush compressor on the market today. There are units available that will fit into all budgets, meeting all kinds of requirements and which have been specifically designed with airbrushing in mind. There are many features that you may want to bear in mind when making your choice of unit. 

Portability is often a major concern, so you will be looking for a lightweight unit that can easily be carried from place to place, while features such as regulators and gauges will make airbrushing a lot easier and more convenient. You may also want to look for a unit with low noise production if sound levels must be kept low in your working environment. Whatever you are looking for from a unit, you are sure to find the best airbrush compressor for you in this list.

This powerful unit is small but impressive with very low noise levels at just 55 decibels thanks to the precision forged piston. This unit also features a diaphragm regulator which is sensitive and has its own integrated water trap and pressure gauge to allow precise delivery and control of dry, clean air. 

The compressor operates on demand, with a convenient start stop feature to cut back on motor wear and tear while still maintaining adequate pressure to operate the majority of airbrushes. 

The air tank holds 0.8 gallons for a reduced number of run cycles and features a drain plug that is ideal for convenient purging of accumulated water as well as a safety pressure release valve. 

This is a very portable unit thanks to its carrying handle and the incorporated rubber feet ensure work surfaces are well protected. This unit is ideal for body or nail art or food decoration due to its oil-less design.

Working at 1/5 HP, this powerful unit can deliver a higher amount of air pressure and air volume that demanded by any airbrush. It is also very lightweight and portable, thanks to its compact dimensions and convenient integrated carrying handle. 

The true diaphragm pressure regulator allows precise adjustment of air and the water trap filter and integrated gauge ensure the air remains dry and clean. This compressor unit is also well thermally protected with an automatic turn off function should the unit overheat. 

With its oil-less piston, this compressor is entirely maintenance free for the ultimate in convenience, and it operates very quietly at just 59 decibels, making this the ideal choice for use in environments where noise levels are at a premium. Purchasers can benefit from a full two year manufacturer's warranty so reliability and quality and fully assured.

This high quality, reliable unit delivers 1/5 HP and is powerful enough to accommodate the needs of any airbrushing project. Lightweight, compact and portable, this compressor has an inbuilt handle for easy transportation, and it geatures a water trap filter and integrated gauge as well as a true diaphragm pressure regulator for excellent airflow adjustment of dry, clean air. 

Safety is guaranteed when operating this unit thanks to the auto on/off function. Users can preset the unit for an automatic turn on once the tank pressure reaches a level below 35 PSI which facilitates a longer motor life thanks to less wear and tear and heat related moisture build up. 

Pressure is constantly regulated through this unit with zero pulsation for a more consistent air supply. Exceptionally convenient, this model is oil-less and is therefore free from any ongoing maintenance, while it operates at just 59 decibels, making this one of the quieter units on the market, ideal for home workshops. Purchasers can also benefit from a two year warranty for complete peace of mind.

This popular professional compact airbrush air compressor delivers air with zero pulsation and constant pressure for seamless function. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in all kinds of environments and its lightweight and portable nature means that it is easy to carry from task to task thanks to its inbuilt carrying handle. This is also a surprisingly powerful unit, delivering 1/8 HP and a high air volume of 0.6 CFM making it perfect for professional use. 

The regulator knob and pressure gauge make it easy to adjust the air flow with precision while the auto shutoff function maintains high levels of safety while allowing for an automatic turn off to be preset once the pressure reaches a PSI of 43 or the unit to be turned on once the unit reaches a PSI of 29. 

This ensures the compressor has a longer lifespan due to reduced motor wear and less heat-related moisture. The inbuilt airbrush holder makes this unit even easier to operate and its quiet operation at just 47 decibels makes this compressor ideal in noise-sensitive environments. The single piston motor is maintenance-free and oil-free while also being protected by a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

This maintenance free airbrush air compressor requires no lubrication and is impressively quiet to run. It is also an incredibly portable unit, weighing just 18.08 lbs and coming equipped with an inbuilt carrying handle. 

Safety is paramount with this compressor which has a convenient auto shut off switch, while the metal outer casing is sturdy enough to effectively protect the inner workings of the unit. 

The unit also features an integrated pressure gauge and adjustable air regulator to allow precise control of air flow. Other features include an inbuilt moisture filter and 2 airbrush holders, together with two hose adaptors in both 1/8th and 1/4th inch sizes. 

The air storage tank holds a gallon of air and operates at 1/5 HP, producing a maximum pressure of 57 PSI. The Badger Air-Brush Co. unit is also protected by a one year manufacturer's warranty, protecting the unit against any defects.

The Sprint Jet airbrush 1/8 HP air compressor from Iawata-Medea is perfect for both occasional and professional artists who require the unit for general airbrush applications. A compact, yet reliable and powerful unit, this compressor is impressively quiet for use in noise-sensitive environments. 

Thanks to its oil-less motor, it requires no ongoing maintenance for ultimate convenience while the integrated moisture filter guards against pulsation for a more efficient, seamless function. The inbuilt air-pressure gauge and bleed valve allow for precise airflow adjustment, allowing pressure to be adjusted from 1 PSI up to 35 PSI. 

A high-strength polyurethane hose is also included. Weighing just 1 pound, this unit is very lightweight and is easy to carry around from place to place in order to accomplish a broad scope of tasks. The quality of manufacturing is very high making this a great value air compressor for any workshop.

With its quiet operation, this 1/5 HP airbrush air compressor from Aerograph is ideal for all types of airbrushing applications and works with all kinds of paint media. Thanks to its lightweight and compact construction, this is a very portable unit and its integrated carry handle facilitates ease of transport from task to task. 

This is a very safe unit to use thanks to its auto on/off and shut off function and its integrated true diaphragm air pressure regulator, filter and gauge ensures air remains dry while allowing for precise adjustment of air flow as necessary. 

This is a very quiet unit to operate, which makes it the ideal choice for any home workshop environment or in any working environment where sound levels must be kept low. This high quality unit represents great value for money and is a popular choice.

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