Best Air Compressors For Roofing

If you have a roofing job that needs doing, you will probably need an air compressor to power your tools. A high quality compressor is essential to do the job to a professional standard, so you will need to know how to make a choice of the right compressor to meet your needs. A durable, long lasting unit is essential, however portability may also be an issue that you will want to consider when moving the unit from job site to job site. 

A model that has a higher CFM rating will enable you to get the job done more quickly and effectively and one with a larger air tank will supply you with enough air for a longer tool running time, allowing you to complete a higher volume of work more rapidly. If you need to know the best air compressor for roofing, read on and discover our list of some of the top selling products on the market today.

Ideal for small, domestic roofing jobs, the Porter Cable pancake design compressor is oil free for maximum convenience and zero mess. The six gallon tank supplies more than enough air to accomplish a wide range of tasks including framing, nailing and inflation, and its two factory installed, regulated air couplers can support two users to get the job done much more quickly. 

The compressor's body is manufactured from strong steel for robustness and durability and the upgraded console cover and shroud are designed to protect the vital components of the unit for increased longevity. 

The maximum PSI produced by this unit is 150 and it features a 120 volt, low Amp motor which is able to start with ease even in cold weather or when used with an extension cord. Weighing just 30 lbs, this unit is also extremely portable and thanks to its inbuilt carrying handle it can easily be transported from task to task.

A great choice for professional roofing jobs, this 33 gallon air compressor from the Craftsman brand operates at a maximum PSI of 165 to ensure rapid completion of jobs. The pump is designed to be oil-free, meaning that it requires no ongoing maintenance and no messy refills for the ultimate in convenience. 

Thanks to its wheels and inbuilt handles, this unit is also very portable, making it easy to transport from job site to job site. This is the ideal compressor to handle all kinds of tasks including inflation and automotive projects. It can even be operated using an extension cord due to the low voltage start up. 

This unit also features two quick connects to allow for easy switching between tools and a shorter down time. Thanks to its compact vertical design, it can easily be stored in any workshop or garage and as the pump is oil free, this model can be stored in cold or hot conditions without running any risk of damaging it.

Anyone looking for a powerful and heavy duty compressor to handle professional roofing jobs should consider the NorthStar 3HP single phase electric air compressor. With its cast iron pump, it is strong, durable and built to last, while still running quietly. 

The pump is oil lubricated for more efficient and smooth running, and thanks to reduced heat transfer between the two cylinders, the pump enjoys a longer lifespan. The electric motor operates at 3HP and the convenient oil sight gauge allows for simple checking of oil levels without the need to use a dipstick. 

The 60 gallon air tank is ASME certified and holds more than enough air to tackle a comprehensive selection of tasks and to power the full range of air tools. Other notable features include the paper element filter, metal belt guard and alloy steel reed valves which are also heat resistant.

A great value model from the popular and high quality Ingersoll Rand brand, this air compressor is small and portable enough to be hand carried while providing enough power to tackle roofing jobs on the job site. 

Built for a long lifespan, this unit has been designed to tackle even the toughest continuous duty applications, and thanks to its two integrated quick connect couplers, it couldn't be easier for two users to run air tools simultaneously. 

Operating at a maximum PSI of 135 and at an HP of 2, this unit can deliver 4.3 CFM at 90 PSI, and its 4 gallon air tank supplies enough air to power tools for a longer running time. 

With its compact dimensions and weighing just 77 lbs, this air compressor is exceptionally portable and ideal for transporting from job site to job site.

This ultra quiet air compressor from the popular and high quality California Air Tools brand produces very low noise levels at just 65 decibels, making it the perfect choice for any working environment where noise levels are at a premium. 

Its powerful 1 HP motor operates at just 1680 RPM for lower noise and a lower amount of wear. As the dual piston pump is oil free, no ongoing maintenance is required and there is no mess from oil refills. 

The air tank holds 1.6 gallons and as it is rust resistant and lightweight at just 35 lbs, it couldn't be easier to store and transport this compact unit. 

This convenient unit is very robust and hard wearing and enjoys a long lifespan making it a great value choice for any DIYer who wants to accomplish small scale roofing tasks.

This heavy duty 4.5 HP air compressor from Puma features a huge 60 gallon air tank which holds enough air to power a full range of air tools. The three cylinder single stage pump has been manufactured from cast iron for extra strength, robustness and lifespan, and as it is oil lubricated, it operates more efficiently and smoothly. 

The vertical tank has been ASME certified and thanks to its gate valve, the downstream air is able to be shut off as necessary. This unit can supply 18 CFM at 90 PSI and operates at a maximum PSI of 150. 

This model features copper finned after and inter coolers to supply better heat dissipation with less moisture and the ball bearings to each side of the crankshaft ensure extra durability and smooth running while the heavy duty paper element filter guarantees the cleanliness of the cylinder heads.

This 6 gallon air compressor from the PowRyte range has a convenient pancake design to allow for convenient storage and easy transportation from task to task. As it is oil free, there is no mess of refilling and no ongoing maintenance is required. This unit also comes with a handy twenty piece air accessory kit which supports the use of multiple air tools. 

This allows the user to accomplish a wide range of tasks including nailing, inflation and framing as well as smaller scale domestic roofing jobs. It operates at a maximum PSI of 150 which is powerful enough to drive a larger number of nails, and as it supplies 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI, it allows for a shorter recovery time between uses. 

The vertical pancake design has a better centre of gravity and also makes the unit much more portable, and this is also facilitated by the integrated carrying handle and fully packed shroud. This is also a very lightweight unit, weighing just 31 lbs, making it light to carry from task to task. 

There are two factory installed, regulated air couplers which can allow two users to operate air tools at the same time, and the 120 volt, low amp motor is able to start first time even on cold days or when used with an extension cord. 

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