Best Air Compressor For The Money

When choosing an air compressor for your home workshop or workplace, one of the most important considerations to bear in mind is whether or not you are getting good value for money. Whether you are investing a large sum in an industrial strength unit or whether you are looking for a low cost portable option to put in the trunk and to take on camping trips, you want to be certain that the price you are paying is worth it. 

Some air compressors have a high price tag but can't come up to scratch when it comes to functionality, whereas other units are surprisingly inexpensive and yet are packing with impressive features. If you want to be certain that you are getting the best air compressor for the money that you are shelling out, you should read on to discover our guide to some of the best value units on the market today.

Although this is one of the more high-end air compressors on the market, you can rest assured that the price that you are paying is well worth it for the quality and performance that you will experience. 

Once of the highest rated compressors among users, this unit from well known brand Industrial Air has a durable cast iron body with a V twin cylinder and oil lubricated pump. 

The induction motor is heavy duty, enabling maximum efficiency and performance while the portable tank is vertically positioned for ease of storage and equipped with pneumatic tires for convenient transportation from job site to job site. 

The 20 Gallon tank features a convenient oil level sight glass and accessible oil fill to make refilling the unit a breeze and the motor is dual voltage, meaning that while it is wired to be used with a standard 120V outlet it can also be converted to be used with 240 V outlets too.

At the other end of the scale, this inexpensive and portable unit from Hausbell is small but impressively powerful with a capacity for inflating tires of up to 31" rapidly and with ease. 

Operating at a maximum PSI of 140 this kit only requires a low amperage draw from a 12 V battery to power it, allowing applications to be as simple as connecting the valve stem and tire chuck together and activating the unit. 

Thanks to the handy gauge on the top of the unit, it couldn't be easier to monitor tire pressure and the kit even comes with a practical carrying case in which the many supplied accessories can be stored and transported. 

This kit includes three different nozzles for inflating a range of items, a 3 meter full copper cord and a plug to connect to a vehicle's cigarette lighter socket and a 2.5 meter air hose complete with open end air chuck. There is also a comprehensive user manual supplied.

A great value mid-range air compressor, the PowRyte 500145 Elite unit has been designed in a convenient pancake style to allow for excellent portability. This unit even comes complete with a 20 piece accessory kit which is perfect for use with all kinds of tasks from nailing, framing and powering small air tools to general inflation jobs. 

This compressor has a maximum PSI of 150 and it operates at 2.6 CFM at 90PSI allowing for a shorter recovery period. The pump is oil free for zero ongoing maintenance meaning that there is no hassle or mess from refilling the unit. The air tank holds 6 gallons and has a better center of gravity for improved balance. 

Thanks to its integrated carrying handle and low weight of just 31 lbs, it can be simply and quickly transported from task to task and its fully packed shroud protects the unit from impacts and knocks. 

The unit even features two air couplers to allow two users to operate the compressor at the same time and thanks to its low amperage 120 V motor it will always start straight away, even when used with an extension cord or on cold days.

This mid-priced air compressor achieves a high rating for value among its users thanks to its versatility and many excellent features. With its horizontal construction, integrated handle and flat-free tires it can easily be moved from job to job and it even features a ball drain valve for more convenient and rapid tank drainage. 

The 6 gallon tank can deliver a maximum PSI of 135 PSI and as the pump is oil lubricated, users can be sure that they will enjoy optimal use and quick recovery periods, with its delivery of 3.8 CFM at 90 PSI. 

The pump housing is manufactured from robust cast iron for longevity and protection from accidental knocks while the pressure gauges are conveniently angled towards the user to allow for more accurate and simple adjustments in pressure. Purchasers can also benefit from a one year limited manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind.

Purchasers looking for a long lasting, good value air compressor for industrial applications should look no further than the California Air Tools 4610ALFC. 

As this unit is oil free, it requires no ongoing maintenance, eliminating the problem of messy and inconvenient refills, and thanks to its Dual Piston it is even to produce 25% more air when compared to other similar compressor motors. This is also an ultra-quiet motor when in operation, making it perfect for use in environments where low noise levels are essential. 

One of the quietest compressors available for purchase today, this unit produces only 60 decibels of sound. The 1 HP motor operates at just 1400 RPM resulting in less wear and tear to the unit and allowing for an extra long life of a minimum of 4000 hours. The lightweight 4.6 gallon tank is manufactured from aluminum making it easy to transport while remaining resistant to rust.

This unit represents excellent value for money for anyone looking for a highly functional unit. From the well known and high quality Porter Cable brand, this pancake style compressor delivers 2.0 CFM at 90 PSI and features a 3.5 gallon air tank which operates at 135 Max PSI for longer running times and faster recovery periods. 

The pump is durable and oil free meaning a long lifespan coupled with zero ongoing maintenance for the ultimate in convenience. The 120 Volt low amp motor is able to start with ease even on the coldest days or when using extension cords, and as the entire unit only weighs just 26 pounds it can even be transported from task to task. 

This is the ideal unit for a wide range of moderate tasks including nailing, framing, roofing and all kinds of inflation jobs and is perfect for home workshops and garages.

Professionals and other serious users will be delighted to discover this industrial strength air compressor from the popular Ingersoll-Rand brand that is perfect for all kinds of heavy duty applications. 

Incredibly versatile and outstanding value for money in its class, the Garage Mate is able to power the full range of air tools from ratchets, drills, grinters and nailers to paint sprayers and sanders. The oil lubricated pump is made from cast iron for improved solidity and impressive, reliable performance. 

The unit also enjoys a 2 year manufacturer's warranty when the maintenance kit is used, giving the purchaser complete peace of mind. This compressor produces an impressive 5.7 CFM at 90 PSI and has a maximum PSI of 135. 

Thanks to its integrated push along handle and wheels, it can even be moved with ease from job site to job site, making this an especially convenient choice for industrial work sites and domestic workshops alike. 

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