Best Air Compressors For Sprinkler System Blowout

If you live in a part of the country where the temperatures regularly drop below freezing during the winter months, you will need to winterize your sprinkler system before the frosts set in. While you could call in a professional to undertake this task, investing in your own air compressor to blow out the sprinkler system will save you money in the long run. 

The size of unit that you will require depends on the number of zones you have to clear, however as a rule, a model with a high PSI and a large air tank will be essential to effectively ensure that the system is completely winterized. You should choose the highest CFM that you can afford (around 10-25 CFM is ideal). 

If you want to find the best air compressor for blowing out sprinkler system mechanisms on your property, this list of some of the top selling models on the market will help you to make an informed decision about which is the right product for you.

Industrial Air's air compressors are ideal for use on heavy duty projects such as blowing out sprinkler systems. Fitted with heavy duty components, this unit has a long lifespan, even under demanding conditions. The pump is made from robust cast iron and is oil lubricated for smoother running. 

It features a single piece crankcase made of strong cast iron and has a cast iron, thermally stable cylinder body. This model features a handy oil sight glass for convenient oil level checking without the need for a dipstick, and an accessible oil fill for convenient refilling with no mess. 

The large capacity tank holds 60 gallons of air and produces a maximum PSI of 155. When running at 40 PSI, this compressor produces 16.1 CFM, ideal for winterizing your sprinkler system. The motor is also well protected from, voltage fluctuations and has a long run time for greater convenience.

This compressor features a powerful 5.5 HP gas powered engine with an air throttle cylinder, automatic style air cleaner and separate pilot valves and check valves. The twin cylinder pump is made from robust cast iron and is oil lubricated for smooth and efficient running. 

The tank has a "wheelbarrow" design and features twin four gallon tanks together with a center mounted tire which is semi-pneumatic for excellent mobility and transportation to different job sites which is also facilitated by the low profile handles with integrated grips.

This model features a liquid filled pressure gauge, a metal belt guard, brass cross fitting and low profile copper tubing, as well as a convenient oil level sight glass for ease of checking levels. 

The oil fill is very accessible, meaning that refilling couldn't be simpler. This model has a maximum pressure of 155 PSI and can achieve a CFM of 11.6 at 40 PSI making this an excellent choice for your sprinkler system.

This powerful 80 gallon electric compressor has been made with durability in mind from cast iron and steel. Featuring a 15 amp powerful motor, it can deliver 4.7 HP and a PSI of up to 155. At 90 PSI, this model provides 14 CFM, making this a suitable compressor for blowing our sprinklers. 

It has a longer run time and is also suitable for operating a full range of air tools to accomplish all kinds of tasks. Featuring a wire formed belt guard, this unit has optimal cooling while its durable steel tank and single piece cast iron crankcase ensure a long lifespan. 

This unit has many excellent features including its three cylinder design, its convenient oil level sight glass, accessible oil fill, 12" cast iron balanced flywheel, big intake filter equipped with silencers and synthetic oil. Made in the USA, this model is from the well known, high quality Powermate brand.

This 60 gallon single stage air compressor has a durable cast iron pump that is oil lubricated to ensure smoother and more efficient running. Able to produce a maximum pressure of 155 PSI, users can be sure of obtaining the highest possible level of tool performance when using this unit which can deliver a CFM of 13.5 at 40 PSI making it ideal for blowing out sprinkler systems. 

The large capacity 60 gallon air tank ensures a longer running time even when operating demanding air tools and the model is fully equipped with an on/off switch and pressure guage. It is shipped with synthetic oil for a long lifespan and optimum performance. This is a great value unit that gives excellent value for money.

This heavy duty air compressor from Puma delivers 5HP and features a robust belt driven cast iron oil lubricated three cylinder radial dual stage pump which has a long lifespan while running at a lower level of noise. The vertically designed tank is ASME certified and features a gate valve which enables the downstream air to be closed off. 

The pump is made from strong cast iron and it is oil lubricated for increased efficiency and smoother operation. This unit delivers a maximum PSI of 175 and has an average pump life of 12,000 hours making this a long last, great value model. 

This 80 gallon air tank has a large enough capacity to power even demanding air tools for longer periods and it is capable of producing a high enough CFM to ensure effective blowing out of sprinkler systems.

Powerful and heavy duty, this professional quality 2 stage air compressor from Campbell Hausfeld delivers 5 HP and has a large capacity air tank of 80 gallons for a longer running time for all kinds of air tools. 

The 230 volt motor is equipped with effective overload protection for the user's safety and the 2 stage pump is made from cast iron for increased durability and robustness. It can deliver a PSI of up to 175 and has an average pump life of up to 10,000 hours, making this a long lasting, good value for money unit. 

This compressor is equipped with a convenient oil sight glass which allows the user to perform raid oil level checks without the need for a dipstick. The vertical tank has a compact footprint which makes it convenient to store in any home workshop or garage without taking up too much space.

Capable of producing a CFM of 13.4 at 40 PSI, this powerful air compressor from the well known and popular DeWalt brand is ideally suited to tasks such as blowing out sprinkler systems. With a large 60 gallon air tank, this unit ensures a longer running time for all kinds of air tools, and even on the most demanding of applications. 

Its oil lubricated pump is made from strong cast iron for increased durability and its single piece crankcase is also made from cast iron for added strength. This air compressor features a convenient oil level sight glass to enable the user to check the level of the oil without having to have a dipstick. 

The oil fill is also easy to access, making refilling the unit much simpler and less messy. Featuring a 240 volt heavy duty motor, this 60 gallon compressor ensures optimal performance and excellent efficiency, producing a maximum pressure of 155 PSI for outstanding tool performance. 

It is also equipped with an on/off switch and an inbuilt pressure gauge for convenience and it is shipped with synthetic oil for a longer lifespan and top quality performance. 

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