Best 2 Gallon Air Compressors

An air compressor can be a useful tool to keep around the home for various projects. They are also essential for many people who work in construction, automotive repair and other fields. Air compressors come in many different sizes and capabilities. Some of the larger ones are considered stationary units that must remain in place once installed because they are so heavy. There are also smaller units that are quite portable and versatile for use with many small tasks. 

A 2 gallon air compressor works well for those who need a small unit that is light and portable. They are small enough to carry to different jobs sites and can be transported in a work vehicle without requiring much space. They also are small enough to be stored in a garage or storage building when not in use. 

Most 2 gallon compressors are capable of doing small jobs for short lengths of time without requiring frequent air refills. They are ideal for the hobbyist or homeowner who enjoys completing their own home improvement projects. The following is a list of the 7 best 2 gallon air compressors for sale based on reviews and specifications.

The PowerPro air compressor has a 2 gallon tank capacity, it is oil-free and requires no routine maintenance. The unit has easy to read gauges that are located on the top so they're easily accessible during use. It has an automatic shutoff at 100 PSI to prevent overloading the unit. 

This compressor is ideal for use for many small scale jobs like inflation of sports equipment and low power tools for brad nailing and stapling. It has a 1/3 HP motor with 120 voltage and is powered by a standard household electrical outlet. 

The unit is very portable and weighs only 18.8 pounds and is less than 20 inches tall. It has a handle on the top making it easy to move around and the rubber feet offer stability while it's being used. It can provide 1.5 CFM at 40 PSI.

The Stanley hot dog style air compressor has a 2 gallon tank and it uses 120 volt and is powered by a standard household electrical outlet. The unit has a maximum PSI of 115 and it works well for small projects around the home or garage. 

It would also be a good addition to the work vehicle of those who need a compact compressor to power small pneumatic tools. The pump is oil free so that no regular maintenance is required. 

It is equipped with a pressure regulator so that pressure can be changed as needed. The compressor has a handle on top for portability and is relatively lightweight. The tank fills quickly so as not to delay the job you're working on.

The Hyundai 2 gallon air compressor has a unique tank design that gives it a small footprint so that it takes up minimal space in the shop or garage. It is easy to store and doesn't require much floor space. It has a vertical design with gauges that are easy to read while in use. 

The built in handle is well designed to make the compressor easy to carry and it weighs less than 20 pounds. This particular unit comes with the following accessories: 2-in-1 brad nailer, 7 piece air kit, 25 foot recoil hose and it can also be used with all other Hyundai air tools and accessories that can be purchased separately. 

It has a quick access tray to hold tools and also provides a convenient storage area for accessories to keep them close at hand. This unit should work well for most small projects.

This unit from California Tools has 1 HP of power and has a hot dog style 2 gallon tank. It is one of the more expensive compressors for its size and capacity, but it was designed for heavy use on the job site, as well as providing plenty of power for small jobs at home. 

It is equipped with an oil free pump that doesn't require regular maintenance. This compressor is also very quiet, putting off less than 60 decibels, making it one of the best options for residential use. The tank is made from aluminum and is rust free to provide many hours of work. 

This compressor can provide 3.10 CFM at 40 PSI and 2.2 CFM at 90 PSI. The motor operates at a low RPM of 1680 which is what allows the unit to be so quiet, yet also powerful enough for tough jobs. The motor has new technology that was created to allow it to be used for a longer continuous run time. It weighs 35.3 pounds and has a handle on top for carrying.

Campbell Hausfeld is a brand well known for their quality air compressors and this 2 gallon tank unit is no exception. It has a hot dog style tank and the unit weighs less than 20 pounds. It also has a handle on top so that it can easily be moved around as needed. 

This particular compressor comes with an accessory kit that includes: a 25 foot recoil hose, air chuck, inflation needle, inflation needle adapter, and two inflation nozzles. It has easy to read gauges on the top of the unit so that pressure can always be monitored while in use. 

The oil free pump means that no maintenance is required to keep the compressor running. It is ideal for various jobs around the home and work site like nailing, inflation, stapling and air brushing. It is powered by a standard 120 V electrical outlet.

This unit is similar to the previously mentioned compressor from the same brand but it has more power. It's rated at 3 HP and has a running HP of 4 with a 1.5 peak HP motor. It would work well for those who need a higher powered compressor. It has the same 2 gallon tank that is made from aluminum to keep it from rusting. 

The pump is oil free to save costs and time on maintenance. The oil free pump also helps it to operate better in various types of conditions and terrains. It can provide 2.4 CFM at 40 PSI and 1.5 CFM at 90 PSI. 

It is also very quiet, running at only 58 decibels. The unit is fairly compact and weighs 34.2 pounds, with a carrying handle on the top for portability. The pump was designed to have a life cycle of around 3000 work hours.

The Campbell Hausfeld twin stacked compressor has dual 1 gallon tanks that are stacked for a total tank capacity of 2 gallons. These are hot dog style tanks and they offer plenty of air to get many small jobs done around the home or work site. 

The design of this compressor, along with the convenient carrying handle on the top, make it easy to move around and keep inside the work truck. 

It weighs 17 pounds and is priced under $80. It comes with an accessory kit that includes the following: 25 foot air hose, 1 inflation needle, a 1/4" industrial plug, a female coupler, 2 inflation nozzles, 1 tire chuck, an inflation adapter and a tool that helps determine tire tread depth. 

It has an oversized knob for easy control of the pressure while in use. This compressor would work well for inflation, brad nailing, stapling and other small jobs. It is powered by a standard 120 V household electrical outlet. 

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