Best Air Compressors For Sandblasting

An air compressor has many uses around the home and job site. There are many different sizes of compressors and the size you need depends on the jobs you'll be using it for and the size of the tools. Sandblasting is a popular and efficient way to remove rust, old paint and other hard to remove compounds. The sandblasting process is often used in auto body shops, industrial trades and even in the home for many types of hobbies. 

When using a sandblaster, you need an air compressor that is powerful enough to provide a consistent air flow to the blaster tool. When shopping for an air compressor to use with your sandblaster, it's important to read the specifications that came with the unit. Nearly all sandblasters will tell the required CFM and PSI needed to function properly. 

Once you have that information, you can search through the options with those specifications. When researching air compressors, it can be very helpful to read reviews and look at the ratings of each one before making the purchase. This can help with finding the best option and ensuring that you get something made well. The following is a list of the best 7 air compressors for sandblasting.

This 4.7 HP compressor from Powermate offers a maximum PSI of 155. It offers 14 CFM at 90 PSI and should work well to power most sandblasting tools. This is unit is heavy, weighing 354 pounds, and is large and needs to be bolted to the ground for stability. 

It is a three stage compressor that is made with durable materials including Swedish stainless steel flex valves, a full cast iron cylinder body and a cast iron balanced fly wheel. The oil lubricated pump has an easy to monitor gauge and can be refilled when needed. 

The unit is made in the U.S. with domestic and global parts. The 15 AMP motor provides a long and powerful running time and the wire-formed belt guard allows the unit to cool more efficiently. It is a relatively quiet unit for use in many different settings.

2. Industrial Air IV5048055 Vertical 80 gallon Two Stage Cast Iron Industrial Air Compressor

The Industrial Air 80 Gallon compressor is a large unit with a higher price tag than man. It features a heavy duty design that should work well in most industrial settings. 

The motor is designed to be protected from voltage fluctuations and it offers a maximum PSI of 175, with 17.9 CFM at 100 PSI. The unit comes with a pre-wired magnetic starter and is made from high quality cast iron parts. 

It also has a two stage compressor pump and a 5.2 HP motor that can power most any type of tool, including most types of sandblasters. 

The unit is large, weighing 475 pounds and has an 80 gallon tank that is ASME certified. This compressor is designed to work on 230 volts of power.

This air compressor is powered by a 5 HP motor with a 2 stage cast iron pump. The vertical tank has a capacity of 80 gallon. The unit is stationary, weighing over 400 pounds, and it is 78 inches tall. It's powered by electricity and the 230 volt motor comes with protection from overload. 

The maximum PSI is 175 and it's designed to provide 10,000 hours of work. This heavy duty compressor should function with nearly any type of sandblaster. It requires minimal maintenance and the oil sight glass allows for constant monitoring of the oil level and easy refill when needed. 

The compressor is capable of running tools for long periods of time without lagging. Compared to similar sized models, this unit is relatively quiet and can work in a home garage or industrial setting.

The DeWalt 80 gallon air compressor is designed for work in most any type of industrial setting and should have the capability to power sandblasting tools. It is a large, stationary unit, weighing 470 pounds and being 79 inches tall. This gas powered compressor has 5 HP and the motor is 240 volts. 

It is equipped with technology to protect the motor from damage from voltage fluctuations. The two-stage pump, made from cast iron, has hardened steel valves, oversized taper roller bearings and splash lubrication. All these design features mean a longer lasting pump that will work well through even the toughest jobs. 

The ASME tank holds enough air to last through many hours of work without needing a refill. It runs at a maximum of 175 PSI and can power more than one tool at a time to work more efficiently. It has a control panel that is easily accessible to monitor and control pressure during use.

This unit from the well known brand Ingersoll Rand is durable and designed to last through many hours of work in an industrial setting. It has 5 HP and an 80 gallon tank. The unit has an available maintenance kit for purchase that will extend the warranty to two years when used as directed. 

The compressor comes equipped with a finned copper innercooler to protect it from damage while in use. This type 30 compressor is known as one of the most dependable on the market and can work well for sandblasting in a small auto body shop or on larger scale industrial jobs. 

The V-block style pump is made from cast iron and is splash lubricated. The unit offers a CFM of 14 at the maximum PSI of 175. The pump life is around 10,000 hours and it has a manual drain system. The unit is stationary and is 67 inches tall. The compressor is belt driven and has a duty cycle of 100%.

6. Industrial Air ILA4708065 80-Gallon Hi-Flo Single Stage Cast Iron Air Compressor

This single-stage option from industrial air is more affordable than many other similar sized compressors, but it also has a lower maximum PSI of 155 and may not work for all industrial level sandblasting jobs. At 90 PSI it offers 14 CFM. It offers high air flow to power many different types of tools. 

The integrated control panel has pressure gauges to monitor and control tank and working pressure. The unit also has an air flow regulator and two quick connect air outlets, along with a pressure relief valve. The 80 gallon tank is ASME certified and should function well for powering tools for a long time period without issue. 

It's equipped with a full metal belt guard. The oil lubricated pump is a V-twin cylinder and has a one piece cast iron crankcase along with stainless steel reed valves and automotive style ball bearings for durability. 

It has a sight glass to monitor oil level and it's easy to refill when needed. It offers 16.1 CFM at 40 PSI and 14 CFM at 90 PSI. The running HP of the unit is 4.7 and it is gas powered.

The Quincy air compressor is a pricey unit but it offers enough power for nearly any type of sandblasting, including industrial applications. The unit has a U.S. Baldor motor that is designed with a capacitor start and has built in thermal overload protection. 

The working PSI is 145-175 and the pump RPM is 942. At 90 PSI the unit offers 18.6 CFM. It has an oil carry over rating, or blow by rating, of 5 PPM. The unit is designed to offer enough power for even the toughest jobs, but also works efficiently and with lower operating costs. 

The pump is designed with a life of 50,000 working hours. The single phase motor is belt driven with 100% duty cycle. This unit is large and stationary. It's powered by electricity. 

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