Best 5 HP Air Compressors

An air compressor can be a useful piece of equipment for anyone who likes to do projects around the home or garage and can be an essential tool for many professionals. An air compressor can power many different tools including paint sprayers, inflation tools and nail guns. The issue with buying an air compressor is deciding the size you need. A small air compressor works for many jobs but for professionals, a larger tank with more power is often needed. 

Air compressors that are designed for professional use are often large with tanks that can be 60 gallons or more. A compressor with 5 horsepower can be pricey but they work well for heavy duty jobs that can't be completed by smaller compressors. Many of these units are very pricey and can cost $1000 or more. 

When shopping for a 5 HP air compressor, it's important to look at the tank capacity to ensure that it will last through the specific jobs you need it for. It's also a good idea to read reviews from past customers to find any potential issues that may commonly arise. The following is a list of the 7 best 5 HP air compressors available for purchase.

This heavy duty air compressor from Ingersoll Rand has a 60 gallon vertical tank. The unit is quite large at 72 inches tall and 436.6 pounds. This is a stationary unit and is powered by electricity. This type-30 compressor is designed to offer reliability and durability through many hours of use. 

It would work well in an auto shop, repair business and many other applications. It features a v-block style pump made from cast iron and is splash lubricated. The compressor has a maximum PSI of 175 and offers 14.3 CFM at 90 PSI. As previously mentioned, it offers 5 HP and has a pump life of approximately 10,000 hours. 

It is belt driven and is constructed of 100% cast iron. The unit has a 1 piece connecting rod and a finned copper inner cooler to reduce potential issues while in use. Another great feature of this compressor is that it's relatively quiet for its size and it should work well with most continuous running tools.

The Quincy 5 HP compressor comes equipped with a Baldor motor that was made in the US. The unit is considered stationary as it would be heavy to move around. It's powered by electricity and the pump runs at 942 RPM and is made of cast iron. The reciprocating air compressor is designed to offer more compressed air even at a lower horsepower. 

This can reduce operation costs and may also mean less maintenance costs. The tank has an 80 gallon capacity and the unit is 74 inches tall. This compressor does not come equipped with an inner cooler. The wired magnetic starter is industrial strength and offers an easy start. 

The working PSI of the compressor is 145-175 and it offers a 17.2 CFM at 175 PSI. The pump is rated to offer 50,000 hours of work which may account for the price tag that is higher than other similar compressors.

This two-stage oil lubricated compressor from DeWalt has a maximum PSI of 175. It has a patented pump design for cooler running which means a longer lasting compressor that uses less energy. The motor is designed with unique TOPS technology which protects it from damage due to voltage fluctuations. 

The pump has oversized industrial-grade bearings to extend the life and offer better efficiency at a lower RPM. The unit is 213 pounds and 75 inches tall with a tank capacity of 80 gallons. It's powered by electricity and is ideal for many different types of job sites. 

It works well to power industrial strength tools and should last through many hours of difficult work with no problems. The patented design of the cast iron flywheel adds to the compressor's efficiency and also ensures that it runs without getting hot.

The EMAX 5 HP compressor is likely one of the priciest on the market but it has its perks. The pump runs at 800 RPM, which makes for great power and efficiency. It has an 80 gallon tank with a maximum PSI of 175. The compressor features Cool-Tek technology which makes it run on average 35% cooler than similar models. 

This also reduces moisture and makes the entire unit last longer. It is a very large unit at over 700 pounds and 73 inches tall and would require significant space in the work area for storage and would be completely stationary once set up. It is equipped with vertical piston pumps and a belt tension adjuster which makes it ideal for use in an industrial setting. 

The 1750 RPM Lincoln Motor is one of the most powerful that can be found in this size compressor to ensure that any industrial job gets done quickly and easily. It's also designed to be long-lasting and comes with a limited 5 year warranty.

The Campbell Hausfeld is one of the more affordable 5 HP air compressors available. It is equipped with a two-stage cast iron pump with an oil sight glass so the oil level can be easily monitored. The vertical tank has an 80 gallon capacity and the unit weighs 417 pounds and is 78 inches tall. 

It's electric powered with 230 volts and comes with overload protection. The tank is certified for a PSI of up to 200 for safety while the unit is designed to offer a maximum PSI of 175. It can power multiple nail drivers and other industrial strength tools and should last through 10,000 hours of work. 

The unit is designed to be durable and offer power unlike others in a similar price range. The two-stage compressor unit means it works efficiently to power many different types of tools without lagging.

This Ingersoll Rand model is similar to the previously mentioned one of the same brand but this one has a larger tank capacity at 80 gallons. It's made of the same high quality materials including a construction of cast iron along with a copper finned inner cooler. The unit is 76 inches tall and considered to be a stationary unit. 

It's powered by electricity and has a three phase motor. This machine is ideal for work in an automotive shop or other industrial setting and should be able to power many different types of tools with little effort. It features a manual drain system and the pump is designed to have a life of 10,000 hours. 

It's belt driven, features low-oil protection technology and has a v-block style pump. It has a maximum PSI of 175 and offers a CFM of 16.8 when running at maximum level. The unit comes with a one year warranty that can be extended to two years if the separate maintenance kit is purchased and used as required by the instructions.

The Puma air compressor is a 5 HP unit that has a maximum pressure of 175 PSI. It is on the lower price range of similar models and is also significantly smaller at 280 pounds and 55 inches tall. 

This unit would be ideal for smaller shops as it doesn't require as much space and has a smaller tank capacity at 40 gallons. It features in oil-lubricated, two stage, cast iron pump. It also comes with a 1/4" drain ball valve on the tank. 

It's belt driven like similar, pricier models and also contains cast iron as the reinforcement material. It would work well to power most industrial tools and should offer enough power to work in nearly any type of professional setting. 

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