Best 110V and 120V Air Compressors

Air compressors can be used for many different jobs around the workshop, the home and in many industries. Compressors come in many sizes so it's important to do the research before making your purchase to make sure you get the best one for your needs. Some are very large and are designed as stationary units for industrial jobs. 

Others are small and portable with smaller capacities that work well for jobs around the home and job site. 110V and 120V are both versatile compressors that work well for most low to moderate jobs. These units are often small and light enough to move around and they usually don't require a lot of space for storage. 

The best feature of a 110V and 120V unit is that they can be used in a standard home outlet. They don't require a lot of power, tend to be quieter than the larger compressors and won't run up the power bill. The following are a list of 4 of the best 110V air compressors and 4 of the best 120V air compressors based on reviews and features.

110V Air Compressors:

This powerful compressor for California Air Tools has enough power to work with most any type of tool around the home as well as many professional tools. It has a 10 gallon tank that comes with wheels and is easy to roll around the work area. 

It is larger than many similar models and the price reflects this, but this unit is designed for the professional who needs a compact unit with a lot of power. It has 2 HP and is designed to be ultra quiet, working at only 70 decibels. 

It comes with a manual drain and has an oil free dual-piston pump system that requires no maintenance. It runs on lower RPMs than others which means an increased duty cycle and longer continuous run times. It has an easy start valve so that it's starts up easily whenever it’s needed.

Champion Sports Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

The Champion Sports Compressor is a small unit that is designed to work as an inflator for various items around the home or workplace. It has a 1/8 HP motor with an oil free pump that doesn't require maintenance. The compressor comes with an air hose and an inflation needle for inflating most anything including sports equipment and tires. 

This unit is not designed to work with high power tools but it is an affordable inflation tool that works quietly and efficiently. It's small enough to keep in a car, RV or other vehicle in case of a tire emergency where you would have access to electricity. 

It would also work well for camping at the campground to inflate air mattresses quickly and without much effort. The compressor weighs around 8 pounds and is easily portable. It has a long cord which works well in a garage and has a maximum PSI of around 60. This compressor is an ideal unit for a sports camp to quickly inflate soccer balls or basketballs.

The California Air Tools Ultra Quiet compressor has a tank capacity of 2 gallons, making it ideal for those looking for a powerful unit that is small and very easy to move around. It weighs 35 pounds and has a handle on top for carrying it. 

This unit has 7.6 amps and should be able to power many small tools as well as being sufficient for some industrial uses. It's one of the quietest compressors available, with only 60 decibels while in use. It has an oil free pump for cleaner use and no maintenance required. 

The motor has been tested and shows that it should provide 4000 hours of usage before wear is indicated, meaning it lasts 30% longer than other brands on average. It has a maximum PSI of 125 and provides 4.0 CFM at 40 PSI and 3.0 CFM at 90 PSI.

P.I. Auto Store Portable Air Compressor Pump

This air compressor/pump can be used with a 110/120 V socket or a 12 volt, making it a convenient item to keep on hand or in a vehicle for emergencies. It is small and compact, weighing less than 5 pounds, and it comes with a carrying bag for safe keeping while not in use. 

This compressor is low capacity and is not designed for powering tools or other jobs that require a lot of power; it is merely a device for inflation. It can work well for tires, sports equipment and air mattresses. 

It has a heavy duty housing and is designed to last for many years. The AC cable is over 9 feet long and the 12V cable is over 11 feet long to make this a versatile unit that can be used nearly anywhere.

120V Air Compressors:

This pancake style compressor from PORTER CABLE has a 3.5 gallon tank capacity which should last through many small jobs without needing a refill. It has a maximum PSI of 135 and provides 2.0 CFM at 90 PSI. The compressor weighs 26 pounds and has a handle to move it around easily.

It has an oil free pump that doesn't require maintenance. It comes with a factory installed quick coupler making it user friendly and it also has 2 gauges that are easy to see while in use. 

It works well for inflation, blowing tools, nailers and other small tools. It's designed to start easily even in cold weather with its low amp motor. It's relatively quiet while on.

Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 3-Gallon Portable Compressor

The Campbell Hausfeld compressor has a hot dog style tank with a capacity of 3 gallons. It has a user friendly design and comes with a control panel that is easy to monitor while in use. The compressor works well for many jobs around the home and job site including nail guns, staple guns and other uses. 

It has a motor that is designed to run at cooler temperatures to prevent work interruptions. It also features a tank designed to eliminate pulsations caused by piston action. 

It comes with an accessory kit that includes a 25 foot recoil hose, blow gun, female coupler, two inflation needles, two male plugs, an air chuck, inflation adapter, a tapered inflation nozzle and PTFE tape.

This compressor from DeWalt has a high capacity ASME tank, 20 gallons, and can easily work through many jobs without needing a refill. It has an oil lubricated pump that is designed to last through many hours of work. 

The pump is made of cast iron and is a twin cylinder with an oil sight glass to help refill as needed. It comes from the factory wired to work in a standard 120V outlet but it can be rewired for 240V if needed. It has a maximum PSI of 155 and provides 7.0 CFM at 40 PSI and 5.7 CFM at 90 PSI. 

This compressor comes with a quick set regulator and gauges to monitor pressure while in use. The heavy duty induction motor means maximum performance with 1.9 RHP.

BE Pressure AC2010 10 Gallon Vertical Compressor

The BE Pressire Air Compressor has a 10 gallon tank and can power many different tools including automotive repair tools and nail guns. This unit would work well for those who need a powerful, but portable, unit that can be stored easily in a work vehicle without requiring a lot of space. 

The compressor is larger than some other 120V options, weighing around 78 pounds, but with the large tank it can work for many hours without needing a refill. It has wheels for easy rolling and has an oil lubricated pump that is designed to last. The pump has a cast iron cylinder. 

It offers 2 HP and has panel integrated controls for ease of use. The pressure adjustment switch allows the user to change the pressure easily depending on what each tool needs. 

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