Best Stationary Air Compressors

If you are looking for an air compressor to keep installed permanently in your workshop or garage, a stationary air compressor is the ideal solution. Perfect for handling all heavy duty and professional tasks, these large and powerful units may be too bulky to transport from place to place, but will provide optimal levels of pressure to get even the most industrial of tasks done. 

A stationary air compressor generally has a larger tank size than a portable unit, and this allows for continuous use of air tools in a professional environment. If you demand a higher level of productivity and performance in your workshop, a stationary compressor is the right choice for you. 

If you need to choose the best stationary air compressor to suit your needs, we have detailed the features of seven of the best stationary air compressors available for purchase on the market today to help you to make an informed decision.

This 60 gallon stationary air compressor from the well known Porter Cable brand features a twin cylinder cast iron oil lubricated pump as well as a single piece crankcase made from cast iron for improved durability. The cast iron cylinder body is thermally stable while the aluminum head and valve plate ensures a long lifespan and maximum protection for the internal workings. 

This unit also features automotive style ball bearings as well as robust Swedish stainless steel reed valves. The oil level sight glass ensures that oil levels are easy to check and the easily accessible oil fill makes refilling a breeze. The 240 volt induction motor is heavy duty for professional level performance and maximum efficiency. 

Thanks to the large capacity of the 60 gallon tank, a longer run time can be achieved across the whole spectrum of professional grade air tools including ratchets, spray guns, hammers and impacts. This device can provide 13.4 CFM at 40 PSI and has a running horsepower of 3.7. This is the ideal unit to install in a garage, body shop or workshop to handle any heavy duty or industrial task.

From the popular high quality DeWalt brand, this 60 gallon stationary air compressor has a twin cylinder oil lubricated pump made from cast iron and with a single piece cast iron crankcase to ensure a longer lifespan and greater durability. Its cast iron cylinder body is thermally stable, while the Swedish stainless steel reed valves are incredibly robust. 

Thanks to the oil level sight glass, checking oil levels couldn't be simpler and the oil fill is easily accessible to facilitate refilling. This unit features a powerful 240 volt induction motor which is strong enough to handle any heavy duty operations efficiently and with high performance. 

It can operate at a maximum of 155 PSI providing more than enough pressure to carry out any professional level application. With its high capacity 60 gallon tank, this DeWalt stationary air compressor is suitable for powering all kinds of air tools from hammers to spray guns.

This best selling unit from Industrial Air has been exclusively designed to serve the heavy duty requirements of professional workshops. With its heavy duty components, this unit is robust enough to last enough under the most demanding of conditions. 

Its twin cylinder, cast iron oil lubricated pump has a single piece cast iron crankcase as well as automotive style ball bearings and highly durable Swedish stainless steel reed valves. The high capacity of the 60 gallon tank ensures that a longer tool run time can be achieved and the unit can provide 155 maximum PSI for optimal performance and efficiency. 

Although this unit is perfect for the professional and industrial job site, it is also of a suitable size to use in a domestic garage. Producing 11.5 CFM at 90 PSI, this unit is strong enough to power even the most demanding of air tools. This device is also protected by a manufacturer's two year warranty for complete peace of mind.

The Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor has been constructed from cast iron and steel for ultimate durability. Featuring a powerful 15Amp motor which delivers 4.7HP and a maximum of 155-PSI, this unit ensures longer running times while being able to power the full range of air tools, including those required for professional and heavy duty applications. 

With its wired-formed belt guard, this compressor delivers more efficient cooling and the 80 gallon large capacity tank has been made from durable steel and includes a single piece iron crankcase, fully cast iron cylinder body and an oil lubricated pump. 

This electric air compressor has a three cylinder design and features Swedish stainless steel valves for optimal durability. With its oil level sight glass and accessible oil fill, checking oil levels and refilling couldn't be simpler. This unit has been made in the USA by one of the industry's leading brands, so purchasers can rest assured of the high quality of this device.

This unit has been designed to the highest standards and is suitable for both professional heavy duty use on the jobsite or in the workshop and for domestic usage. This unit delivers maximum air power; with a high enough CFM to ensure that adequate power is delivered to complete even the most heavy duty of tasks in a shorter period of time. 

This device has been constructed from durable cast iron components which have been precision engineered. The pump comes with its own manufacturer's warranty which can be extended up to two years if the appropriate maintenance kit is used. 

The 60 gallon air tank ensures that there is enough power for longer tool running times and this unit is suitable for operating the full range of air tools from hammers to ratchets and spray guns. Its 5 HP motor is 100% continuous duty making it ideal for even the most industrial strength of applications.

6. Puma Belt-Drive Stationary Vertical Air Compressor

This Puma brand stationary vertical air compressor is made from cast iron for ultimate durability. The oil lubricated pump ensures a long lifespan with no heat transference between cylinders. 

The device features copper finned inter and after coolers for improved heat dissipation and reduced moisture while the crankshaft features ball bearings on each side for better durability and smoothness of running. 

With heavy duty paper element filters, the cylinder heads can easily be kept clean and the belt guard is made of durable metal to ensure no breakage. 

The 60 gallon tank is large enough to ensure that there is adequate air to power even heavy duty tools for a longer running period and the compressor produces 4.5 HP thanks to the oil lubricated three cylinder single stage pump which runs quietly. 

The vertical air tank is ASME-certified and features a gate valve to allow the downstream air to be closed off. This tank is suitable for use in either a professional or domestic environment and can power a full range of air tools effectively and efficiently.

If you require a stationary air compressor to install in your home workshop or professional jobsite, the Campbell Hausfeld 80 gallon unit can supply intense pressure with maximum durability for a long lifespan. Its 80 gallon tank can produce more than enough power thanks to its 230 volt 5 HP motor and thanks to its overload protection, the unit is adequately guarded against tripped fuses. 

The cast iron two stage pump can deliver up to a maximum of 175 PSI and is more than able to power several air tools and nailers at the same time. The pump life is around 10,000 hours and thanks to the convenient oil sight glass, checking and refilling oil couldn't be simpler. 

The tank has been certified for a maximum pressure of 200 PSI for safe operation. This unit is ideal for operating all kinds of air tools from hammers to ratchets and is robust enough to perform with maximum efficiency even on industrial job sites. 

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