Best Small And Compact Air Compressors

Perhaps you need an air compressor to store in your home workshop or garage to carry out small domestic tasks such as home DIY projects, or maybe you are looking for an air compressor to store in your vehicle for tire inflation and for use on camping trips? In either of those situations, you are probably looking for the best compact air compressor that will get the job done but will still be small enough to store easily and to transport from place to place. 

The best small air compressor units are compact enough to keep under a bench in your workshop and won't take up your whole counter while you work. They are also light enough to keep in the trunk of your car while still leaving plenty of room for all your other equipment. If you need to choose a small air compressor, here we give you an outline of seven of the top products on the market today to help you to make an informed choice.

The Porter Cable C2002 is a great addition to any home workshop thanks to its quiet running and its versatile pressure range which is ideal for accomplishing a range of domestic tasks. The tank has a 6 gallon capacity with a short refill time and the unit is light enough to carry easily from place to place. 

As the tank is oil free there is never any mess and there is no ongoing maintenance. This Porter Cable device is ideal for a wide spectrum of jobs from running nail guns to inflating tires and it is even powerful enough to run two air tools effectively simultaneously, delivering a maximum of 150 PSI. 

Its pancake design is compact enough to fit easily under a work bench whenever not in use and will not overwhelm the counter top when working. 

This compressor starts up perfectly even in cold environments and comes with a 13 piece accessory kit that supplies all of the essentials to get straight to work from a nylon hose to a tire chuck and gauge, tape, plugs, coupler and blowgun.

Despite its compact size, this heavy duty air compressor is well built from quality materials; it is encased with metal and is robust and solid. Thanks to its high output oil free pump, there is no need for any ongoing maintenance and there is no risk of spills or mess. 

The Kensun AC/DC air compressor produces a powerful maximum PSI of 250 and can inflate a tire in just a few minutes. It is also quiet to run and as it weighs just 4.3 pounds, it can easily be carried from task to task or transported in your vehicle. This unit also comes with a host of excellent accessories including its own carry case for improved portability. 

All of the essential attachments are provided to inflate a range of items and with a 9 foot 10 inch cord supplied as standard; it is easy to reach all of the tires of your vehicle. This unit can either be operated via your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket or by being plugged into a regular wall socket for added convenience.

Combining performance with portability and power, this air compressor is affordable and easy to use. Suitable for a range of tasks including tire inflation, stapling and home DIY projects, the Dewalt D55140 even has an oil free pump for easy maintenance and no mess or hassle. Producing only 69 decibels of sound, this is also the perfect compressor for any environment where sound levels must be kept low. 

Made from high quality materials, this air compressor has been designed for a long lifespan and maximum durability from heavy duty cast iron, so it can easily withstand the wear and tear that it will encounter on a jobsite. Its innovative roll cage and protective frame promises an extended life performance. 

Users will enjoy an easy start up thanks to the low 2.6 amp motor and powerful performance with a maximum of 136 PSI. As it only weighs 24 lbs, it is compact and light enough to transport easily and to store with ease in any vehicle or workshop.

Weighing just 20 lbs, the Porter Cable CMB15 is able to be used for long periods of time for a wide range of tasks from inflation to nailing and is light and compact enough to carry easily from job to job. Featuring a 1.5 gallon tank, this unit has enough air pressure to complete all kinds of jobs and as it can produce 2.0 CFM at 90 PSI, it has a short recovery time for fairly high requirement use. 

The unit is fully enclosed to provide the best possible protection to its inner workings and components helping to keep it safe from damage on the job site as well as helping to keep the user safe from harm. 

Thanks to the oil free pump, there is no regular maintenance required when using this device and there is no mess or risk of spillage. The tank produces a maximum PSI of 150 and is pretty quiet to use, producing only 79 decibels of sound when running.

The PowRyte Basic 103338 features a 3 gallon air tank to supply ample air pressure for a range of domestic tasks. Thanks to its oil free pump, there is no ongoing maintenance to carry out, and users will have no mess or hassle to contend with. 

Simple to use, this unit's pancake design with its low profile construction means that it takes up only a small space on the work top and can easily be stored when not in use. Yet, despite its compact size, this air compressor is still powerful enough to inflate tires and carrying out stapling and nailing along with other tasks. 

The compressor comes with a dual chuck tire inflate together with a recoil hose so that it can easily be used to re-inflate car tires while out and about on the road. This device can produce 0.6 CFM at 90 PSI and has a maximum PSI of 100.

This 12 volt air compressor from the popular Viair brand is small yet powerful enough to get the job done. Thanks to its inbuilt LED work light, it is easy to inflate tires even in poor lighting conditions, and as it can plug easily into a vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, inflating tires up to 31 inches is a breeze by just starting up the engine, screwing the tire chuck to the tire valve stem and turning on the unit. 

With a 10 foot power cord, filling even the rear tires is simple, and this device has a maximum pressure of 60 PSI. The fill rate is pretty speedy too, filling small tires in just one minute and large tires in just four and a half minutes. 

Small and compact in size, this is the perfect device to carry in the trunk of your car or to take on camping trips and thanks to its easy to read inbuilt pressure gauge, it is simple to check the tire pressure.

Perfect for a wide range of tasks from air brushing and stapling to nailing and inflation, this pancake designed air compressor has rapid operation to save you time. 

Its innovative oil free tank requires no maintenance and eliminates pulsations that are caused by piston action for a smoother and more consistent performance. This unit delivers a maximum PSI of 100 and is small and compact enough to store easily in your home workshop. 

The Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 comes complete with a 5 piece accessory kit and a hose, providing all the essentials to get to work. User friendly and durable, this is a portable unit thanks it its handle and it has a simple to read gauge built into the body of the unit for accurate, rapid monitoring. 

This device is protected by a manufacturer's one year warranty for the buyer's peace of mind and comes with all the benefits of having been manufactured by one of the oldest companies in the industry. 

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