Best Oil Free Air Compressors

If you are looking for a low maintenance air compressor for your workshop, garage or even to transport from place to place, an oil free unit is the ideal solution. Oil free compressors are the ultimate in convenience as they require no ongoing maintenance or refilling but are ready to operate straight away. With no mess and no fuss, they are the ideal device to provide excellent performance for both professional and domestic tasks. 

Available in a range of sizes, there is sure to be an oil less air compressor to suit your particular requirements, whether you are looking for a unit that is small enough to be stored in your vehicle's trunk or under your workbench or powerful enough to operate a full range of heavy duty air tools. If you are looking for the best oil free air compressor to meet your needs, we have outlined everything you need to know about the seven top units to help you make your choice.

This air compressor is not only oil free for low maintenance and no fuss, but is also one of the quietest units on the market, producing only 70 decibels when in operation. This means that it is ideal for use in home workshops or in any environment where low noise levels are paramount. 

Its 2.0 HP motor functions at just 1680 RPM for lower noise levels and less wear and tear. With an increased duty cycle, this device allows for a longer continuous run time and the dual piston pump has been designed for a life cycle of more than 3000 hours. 

Thanks to the oil free pump, this unit can be used even in cold conditions and on uneven terrains and with its easy start valve, it will always start rapidly. Its wheel kit allows for easy movement to any location on the jobsite while delivering improved air flow.

This pancake design compressor has been made with a pancake style tank to give improved stability. It features a water drain valve together with extra stable rubber feet and it produces a maximum of 150 PSI. 

Thanks to its high pressure design it provides increased air tool performance and can produce 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI with a short recovery time. The oil free pump requires no ongoing maintenance and the 120 volt motor will start easily even in cold weather or when being used with an extension cord. 

Its upgraded shroud with its console and hand cover protects all of the unit's vital components. Thanks to its low weight and compact size, together with its cord wrap, this unit allows for easy transportation around the job site. 

It comes complete with a 13 piece accessory kit that includes a blow gun, 25 foot nylon hose, tire chuck, quick coupler, tire gauge, plugs and Teflon tape. It is also protected by a manufacturer's one year limited warranty on all components.

Low maintenance, thanks to its oil free pump, and featuring a simple lightweight design, the General International AC1200 unit is perfect for a wide range of tasks from inflating tires to air brushing and nailing. The 3700 RPM motor is exceptionally powerful and can deliver 0.6 CFM at 40 PSI. 

Its maximum pressure is 100 PSI and thanks to its inbuilt quick connect hose coupler; this machine can get to work instantly. The user friendly control panel enables simple operation while the oil free pump requires no maintenance and means no mess or accidental spillages. 

With four heavy duty rubber feet, the unit is stable yet portable, while its one piece design ensures that it is durable enough to use enough on the toughest of jobsites. The unit is protected with a two year manufacturer's limited warranty and is made of the highest quality, cutting edge components.

Perfect for handling a wide range of tasks from nailing and stapling to inflation and air brushing, the Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 unit delivers consistent and smooth performance. 

This one gallon air compressor is versatile enough to use on a wide range of projects and is perfect for any DIY enthusiast who is looking for a compact and portable unit to store in their garage or workshop. 

Able to deliver a maximum PSI of 100, this unit also comes with a 5 piece accessory kit and a hose, with everything necessary to get working on the next task. The 1 gallon tank eliminates the pulsations which are caused by piston action, ensuring reliable performance, whatever the task on hand. 

Thanks to its small dimensions (11.8 x 12.7 x 11.8") and low weight (12.7 lbs), this unit is convenient to store and carry and comes protected by a manufacturer's one year warranty.

Featuring a 6 gallon tank that can produce a maximum of 150 PSI, the Bostitch BTFP02012 delivers 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI. Its pump enables a longer tool running time with an exceptionally quick recovery period. 

As it is oil free, it offers zero lifelong maintenance for ultimate convenience and its high efficiency motor ensures a rapid and easy start, even in cold weather or when being used with an extension cord. 

This is also a relatively quiet unit, producing just 78.5 decibels when operating, making it a good choice for any domestic jobsite or area where low noise levels are important. Weighing just 29 lb and having a narrow tank diameter, this unit is very easy to carry and store. 

The Bostitch couplers and high flow regulator have been designed to maximize performance of air tools and the twin universal couplers easily support 2 simultaneous users. The removable console cover allows easy repair of any controls while the convenient cord wrap enables easy storage.

This air compressor, with its handy pancake design, is perfect for a broad spectrum of applications, from inflating toys to carpentry. Featuring a four gallon tank, this unit is light enough at just 42 lbs to transport from place to place and to store in the truck for applications while on the move. 

This is the perfect unit for accomplishing any domestic or household tasks and when paired with the correct accessories, it will handle a wide range of tasks. Powered with a 120 volt battery and featuring a 3/4 HP motor with a maximum PSI of 125, this unit works better and faster and its oil free pump requires no ongoing maintenance, with no messy refilling required. 

Thanks to its regulator knob, it is effortless to use and the easily visible regulated pressure gauges and tank pressure gauge make monitoring a breeze. Its universal one hand quick connect enables rapid switching between tasks and tools.

Freeman Tools' new 3 gallon single 3 gallon tank air compressor has been designed in the Hot Dog style for ultimate portability. Its oil free pump has been engineered for maximum durability and high performance and offers more than 500 hours of running time with an increased life expectancy when compared to similar devices. 

Thanks to its oil free design, it provides years of low maintenance service with no messy oil spillages. It is suitable for use in the majority of temperature ranges and can be used on even terrain, unlike oil filled units. 

The 1 HP motor can deliver 3.0 CFM at 40psi, perfect for a wide range of tools such as pneumatic upholstery staplers, pin nailers, brad nailers and small air driven tools. 

This compressor comes complete with a quarter inch NPT industrial air coupler as well as two pressure gauges, an air regulator and an air tank drain valve. With its low weight and carrying handle, this compressor is very portable, as well as being quiet and efficient. All Freeman compressors come with a 1 Year Warranty on all workmanship and protection against defects. 

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