Best Industrial And Commercial Air Compressors

Whether you are running an auto body shop or an industrial workshop, if you are operating air tools as part of your business you will need a high quality air compressor to power your equipment. A high quality commercial air compressor will provide ample power to ensure a long continuous run time for even the most heavy duty of tools while remaining resilient and durable enough to withstand the rigors of the commercial and industrial working environment. 

With a large capacity air tank, the best commercial air compressor units on the market have been specifically designed to handle industrial strength applications and are manufactured using the best quality components. If you need to choose the best industrial air compressor for your business, we have outlined the details of some of the top units available on the market today so that you can make an informed decision about which is the ideal unit to suit your company's needs.

Manufactured by Porter Cable this high quality, large capacity air compressor features a 60 gallon air tank and a twin cylinder, cast iron oil lubricated pump with a single piece crankcase made from cast iron and a cast iron cylinder body that is thermally stable for improved resilience and durability. 

Featuring automotive style ball bearings and Swedish stainless steel durable reed valves, this unit is designed to be robust and hard wearing and its incorporated oil level sight glass together with the easy access oil fill ensures that checking oil levels and refilling oil is a breeze. 

The 240 V induction motor is heavy duty for improved efficiency and maximum performance while the 60 gallon large capacity ASME air receiver allows for a longer tool run time on all kinds of industrial grade tools from impacts and ratchets to hammers and spray guns. 

Supplying 13,4 CFM at 40 PSI and with a running horsepower of 3.7, this unit is powerful enough to be an asset to any workshop.

Produced by well known manufacturer within the industry, DeWalt, this high quality units offers 13.4 CFM at 40 PSI and has a 60 gallon large capacity air receiver which allows for a longer run time on all kinds of industrial grade air tools such as impacts, hammers, spray guns and ratchets. 

The unit features a pressure gauge and on/off switch for convenience and has a handy oil level sight glass as well as an easy access oil fill to make checking and refilling oil as easy as possible. The pump is oil lubricated and features twin cast iron cylinders and a single piece cast iron crankcase. 

Its cast iron cylinder body is thermally stable for improved durability and efficiency and the Swedish stainless steel reed valves are thermally stable. The 240 volt induction motor is heavy duty, allowing for optimal efficiency and improved performance. 

Producing a maximum pressure of 155 PSI, this unit is ideal for supplying optimal tool performance even within a rugged workshop environment.

Industrial Air specializes in heavy duty air compressor products tailored to the needs of industrial operations such as mechanic shops and service trucks. With its heavy duty components, this air compressor has been designed to last under even the most demanding of workshop conditions. 

With its twin cylinder, cast iron and oil lubricated pump, it has a single piece iron crankcase for improved robustness and its cast iron cylinder body is thermally stable. Featuring automotive style ball bearings as Swedish stainless steel durable reed valves, this unit is very durable while the incorporated oil sight glass and easy access oil fill makes it simple to refill the device without mess. 

The 60 gallon ASME air tank ensures a long running time for all kinds of tools and as it produces a maximum of 155 PSI and operates at 240 V with an HP of 3.7, it ensures optimal tool performance in all applications.

Designed specifically for professional and industrial grade use, this single stage air compressor is perfect for all kinds of applications from the workshop to the body shop. Delivering a larger amount of air and maximum air power, this unit is sure to provide ample power to complete any task at hand. 

With its cast iron construction, this device is exceptionally durable and features quality components that are precision engineered. Protected by a manufacturer's warranty, the pump's guarantee can be extended up to two years when the appropriate maintenance kit is used. 

The air tank has a large capacity of 60 gallons and is able to produce 18.1 CFM at 90 PSI. With its oil lubricated cast iron pump, this unit will have a long and impressive life span and a 100% duty cycle.

This electric 80 gallon air compressor has been produced from the most durable cast iron and steel for robustness and improved lifespan. Featuring a powerful 15 Amp motor, this unit is able to deliver up to 4.7 HP and a maximum of 155 PSI for a longer tool running life of all kinds of industrial grade tools from hammers to ratchets. 

The wired formed belt guard ensures effective cooling for the system while the oil lubricated pump as a single piece crankcase made from cast iron and a fully cast iron cylinder body. This device comes packed with excellent features including a three cylinder design and Swedish stainless steel durable flex valves. 

It also has a convenient oil level sight glass with an easy access oil fill to make checking and refilling the device a breeze. The large intake filter has been equipped with silencers and the unit also features a 12" flywheel built from cast iron. As might be expected from such a high quality manufacturer, this Powermate compressor has been made in the UK from only the best components.

Ideal for all professional applications requiring intense pressure combined with optimal durability, this vertical air compressor with its huge 80 gallon tank is perfect to handle any task thrown at it. Driven by its 5 Horsepower 230 volt motor, it is equipped with overload protection for the ultimate safety in use. 

The solid cast iron 2 stage pump is able to deliver up to a maximum of 175 PSI in order to effectively drive multiple air tools simultaneously and it has at least 10,000 hours of pump life, giving it an extended lifespan when compared to competitors' products. 

Its convenient oil sight glass allows for rapid and easy oil level checks and the ASME code 80 gallon tank has been certified for a maximum pressure of 200 PSI making this device perfectly safe for all commercial grade use. 

Powerful and durable, this is the ideal stationary air compressor to install on your job site and to fulfill all your requirements for years to come.

Featuring an oil lubricated, cast iron pump for increased longevity and extra durability, the Puma vertical air compressor ensures that there is no heat transfer between its cylinders. 

Featuring inter and after coolers with copper fins, this unit has excellent heat dissipation and reduced moisture while the crankshaft features ball bearings to each side for smoother running. 

The cylinder heads remain clean thanks to the heavy duty paper element filters and the unit has a metal belt guard which is robust and will not break. The 60 gallon heavy duty tank operates at 4.5 HP and has a three cylinder single stage belt driven pump made from cast iron which has a long lifespan and runs quietly. 

Able to produce a maximum PSI of 150 and delivering 18 CFM at 90 PSI, this unit is powerful enough to run all kinds of industrial grade tools inside the workshop. 

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