Best Air Compressors Under $200

If you are on a budget, you may be looking for the best air compressor under $200 that will still provide good value for money and get the job done. Sometimes, buying a low cost product means compromising on quality, but the air compressors that we have outlined here all provide optimal levels of performance will not costing the earth. The products we have listed in our reviews are all suitable for all kinds of domestic applications such as using moderate pneumatic tools, filling balls and toys and inflating tires. 

They are also portable, lightweight devices, which makes them ideal for carrying around from job to job, or even for transporting in your vehicle on camping trips and days out. If you need to find the best air compressor under $200 to suit your requirements, read on and discover our reviews of the best products available for purchase on the market today.

This device from the well known and popular Campbell Hausfeld brand is perfect for all kinds of domestic tasks such as stapling, brad nailing and air brushing as well as for leisure pursuits, easily accomplishing tasks such as tire and ball inflation. 

Featuring a convenient control panel and a user friendly design, this unit is extremely easy to use, even if you are a newbie when it comes to DIY projects. It features a three gallon air tank which offers greater air power storage while reducing the pounding that is caused by piston action. 

It also comes complete with its own accessory kit for an immediate start to your project, including a 25 foot recoil hose, two inflation needles, a blow gun, two male plugs, a female coupler, an inflation adapter, PTFE tape, an air chuck and a tapered inflation nozzle. 

This low cost air compressor comes in at an affordable price, making it the ideal choice for those who are looking for a cheap and convenient solution to their home DIY needs.

This extremely low cost air compressor from the popular Viair brand is high quality and decent compressor. One of the great advantages of this unit is its size - measuring just 11 x 4 x 8 inches and weighing only 1 lb, this device is incredibly lightweight and portable enough to carry easily from job to job. 

Despite its compact proportions, it is able to inflate tires of up to 31 inches simply by using your vehicle's cigarette lighter port. By just plugging the unit in, connecting the screw on solid brass tire chuck to the tire valve stem and turning on your engine, you are ready to begin inflation in just a few moments. 

This model also comes with its own inbuilt LED work light to make working in poor lighting conditions much easier, and a tire pressure gauge to the top of the tool which makes monitoring of tire pressures a breeze. A maximum working pressure of 60 PSI can be expected from this air compressor, making it perfectly adequate for most light domestic tasks.

This three gallon portable oil free air compressor combines low maintenance with a lightweight, simple design that is perfect for a wide range of domestic tasks such as tire inflation, stapling and air brushing. The motor works at a powerful 3700 RPM and it is able to deliver 0.5 CFM at 90 PSI with an over maximum PSI of 100. 

The inbuilt quick connect hose coupler means that this device is able to get to work instantly and the control panel is user friendly for the simplest possible operation. Thanks to its oil free pump, there is no chance of any mess or spills and the four heavy duty rubber feet guarantee excellent stability. 

This is a very portable unit with a single piece manifold design which makes it durable enough for use on even tough jobsites. This air compressor is protected by a two year limited warranty as would be expected from General International, who have been producing quality and technologically advanced products for 70 years.

Manufactured by the Craftsman brand, this three gallon compressor is oil free for less mess and chance of spills. It also comes with its own seven piece accessory kit which is able to keep all of your sports equipment and tires properly inflated whenever required. This unit is also powerful enough to run staple nail guns and other light pneumatic tools. 

This air compressor is compact is size, but surprisingly tough and thanks to its small dimensions and lightweight design; it is portable enough to carry from task to task without problems. 

This unit features a housing material made from steel for improved robustness and durability on the job site and its three gallon air tank capacity ensures that there is adequate air to suit the requirements of most domestic projects. The kit comes with a 25 foot coil hose as well as all the accessories that you need to get to work straight out of the box.

From the high quality Porter Cable brand, this 3.5 gallon air compressor has been made in the popular pancake design for convenient portability. Delivering 2.0 CFM at 90 PSI, this unit delivers a maximum of 135 PSI allowing for longer run times and a faster recovery period. 

It also features an oil free pump which is not only durable but also ensures less hassle, no maintenance and no mess. Its low amp 120 volt motor is easy to start even in cold conditions or when being used with an extension cord and it also features a quick coupler which was factory installed for rapid access to regulated air. 

Since this device weighs just 26 pounds, it is ideal for anyone who needs a portable device which can be transported with ease, and its low noise levels of just 82 decibels makes this a good choice for environments where sound levels are paramount. The unit also features two gauges and a quick connect coupler and it is perfectly able to support multiple domestic pneumatic tools including inflation equipment and nailers.

This six gallon air compressor is oil free for low maintenance and less hassle and mess. It is able to deliver up to 2.6 CFM at a PSI of 150 and is convenient enough for ongoing use. The six gallon measures just 14 inches in diameter and weighs only 33 lbs making it very portable and light enough to transport with ease between jobsites. 

It is also an impressively quiet air compressor, producing just 80 decibels when running, making it an excellent choice for work environments where sound levels are at a premium. 

The Bostitch BTPP02011 has been designed to give 450 hours of life and thanks to the inbuilt control panel, all of the essential compressor components are adequately protected from the toughest jobsite conditions. 

This compressor also comes supplied with 2 universal couplers, allowing for two users to easily utilize the device at the same time. This unit is perfect for all kinds of domestic applications including trimming and finishing applications.

This six gallon air compressor from the Briggs & Stratton brand combines impressive portability with power. Equipped with robust wheels for easy transportation across even the most rugged of jobs sites, this hotdog style air compressor features an oil free pump which requires no ongoing maintenance and will cause no mess or spills. 

It has a 1.5 horse power motor which is capable of delivery a maximum PSI of 150, and can deliver 4 CFM at 40 PSI which is adequate to get most domestic tasks done. This unit also comes protected with a one year manufacturer's warranty with the option to purchase an extended warranty also available. 

Thanks to the rugged wheels and the removable pull along handle, this unit is not only very mobile, but it is also incredibly convenient to store. It comes equipped with dual gauges, a quick connect coupler and a big regulator knob to allow for easier operation.

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