Best Portable Air Compressors For Car Tires

While there are many uses for air compressors, one of the most convenient uses is as a way of inflating car tires. Those who want the convenience of being able to quickly and easily inflate their car tires when on the road or away from home will want to find the best portable air compressor for car tires that is small and light enough to store in the trunk of a vehicle but that provides an adequate amount of pressure to inflate tires quickly and hassle free. 

Keeping your tires at the correct pressure will not only make your journey smoother but will also help to save money by reducing the amount of wear and tear on your tires and helping your vehicle to function more efficiently. Here we look at some of the top rated portable air compressors, their ease of use and their individual features so that you can make an informed decision about the best portable air compressor for car tires to suit your needs.

This lightweight portable Kensun air compressor is perfect for inflating car tires. Incredibly transportable and easy to use, it also comes in a protective carrying case which makes it easy to carry around as well as to store conveniently. 

Not only can this compressor inflate tires with easy, it is also great for inflating rafts, pool toys, beds and wheels. It is easy to set up and features a long 9' 10" wire and a 4' 11" extendable hose pipe. There are also three adaptor nozzles included with this handy kit for ultimate versatility. 

Not only is this inflator easy to use, it is also very quiet to use. It is, however, best suited to cooler climates as it cannot be either operated or stored in temperatures which exceed 85 degrees. 

This makes the ideal portable air compressor for those who live in a cooler environment and who wish to carry their inflator around in their vehicle. Those who live in hotter regions will have to store the unit in their home or garage.

Small and impressively portable, the Viair 85P is a 12 volt air compressor that comes with the convenience of an inbuilt LED light. Capable of inflating tires of up to 31" simply through a cigarette lighter socket (with 14.5 amps maximum), this compressor is easy to use by just starting the vehicle's engine and connecting the tire chuck with its screw on connector to the tire valve stem. 

The pressure is able to be monitored via the incorporated gauge on the surface of the unit. With its 10 foot power cord, this compressor can be used with maximum flexibility and it can produce a maximum PSI of 60. 

This unit can fill a tire of 31" within 4 minutes making it rapid to use. This air compressor is also lightweight at just 1 pound and with its small dimensions of 11 x 4 x 8 inches it can easily be transported within the trunk or body of your vehicle.

Although the Viair 90P is a small unit, it is impressively powerful being able to inflate wheels of up to 31 inches in a short space of time thanks to its working pressure of around 120 PSI. With its low amp electrical power in its 12 v battery, it can create strong compression. 

This is a cost effective air compressor which is small and portable enough to store within the trunk or body of a car and light enough to take from place to place conveniently. Thanks to its soft carrying case, it is not only easily transported but there is also plenty of space to store the supplied accessories. 

Operating at around 150 PSI for up a ten minute period, the Viair 90P is supplied with an open-ended tire inflation hose and a 120 PSI pressure gauge. The tire chuck has a bleeder valve included in order to remove a little pressure to reach the tire pressure desired. 

The included alligator clamps are used to connect the unit to a 12 v battery with ease. This unit comes with several extras including a 12' cable, an inline fuse holder, a sand tray equipped with vibration isolators, a 3 piece tip kit, an air pressure gauge, a 5' hose with open end air chuck and a luxury carrying bag.

This impressively powerful portable air compressor is ideal for inflating wheels of up to 33 inches. The ideal midrange solution for anyone who is looking for a transportable air compressor, this unit has plenty of power, just as heavy duty as some of the larger faster filling compressors but at a fraction of the cost. 

When compared to many of its rivals within the transportable compressor category, this unit has a much greater output and can air tires both up and down. Its compressor is sealed and thermally guarded for safety and can inflate tires within just two minutes, making this a speedy inflation solution. 

The Viair 300P compressor is able to work at 150 PSI for periods of up to 15 continuous minutes and is easy to use thanks to its inclusive alligator clamps which can be used to form a connection to a 12 v battery source. This unit comes equipped with an open end inflation hose, a 100 PSI pressure gauge, an 8 foot power cable, an inline fuse holder, a sand tray equipped with vibration isolators and a luxury carrying bag.

This Goodyear portable air compressor comes with its own power cord and 24' of air hose included. The direct drive motor of this unit is not only powerful but is exceptionally quiet as well as being almost completely vibration free. 

The kit comes with a variety of adapters for maximum versatility, allowing this unit to not only inflates tires but also other inflatable items too such as rafts and sporting equipment. Thanks to its Whisper Soft technology, the 120 V inflator has efficient and almost silent operation and it is capable of operation when being plugged into a standard wall power socket. 

The Goodyear i8000 can inflate R185/R14 tires in under 3 minutes, ensuring rapid inflation and can produce a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. The kit comes complete with a 1 foot air hose made from rubber, a PVC 17 foot hose equipped with a quick connect valve, and a 6 foot power cord. This results in a total cord length of 24 feet - ideal for hassle-free connection to all of the vehicle's tires.

Portable yet powerful, this tire inflator is perfect for use either at home or on the go. With its light-up pressure gauge, the user can obtain precise control, and as it has an auto shut off mechanism, inflation couldn't be easier. 

The unit can be powered from a standard socket or even from a vehicle's cigarette lighter port for the ultimate in convenience and as it produces inflation up to 160 PSI, it is powerful enough to handle a good range of tasks, from pumping up mattresses to car tires. 

The Black and Decker ASI300 is small enough and compact enough to store easily in the home, garage or vehicle. Weighing just 6 lbs, it is easy to carry and can be transported simply from place to place for use in a broad spectrum of situations. This unit is protected by a manufacturer's 2 year warranty, and the kit comes with a nozzle and extension nozzle, needle inflator, plus and 120 V cord and plug and 12 V cord.

This reliable unit is able to compressor air efficiently and quickly at 35 l per minute. It is easy to use by simply connecting the brass nozzle to the tire valve and switching on the unit. 

Thanks to its robust metal body's anti-vibration feet made from rubber, there will be no unwanted movement when operating this air compressor and because of its glow in the dark inbuilt pressure gauge, it is easy to read the pressure quickly and conveniently, even in a dark environment. 

This portable pump comes with a 25 foot rubber air hose equipped with a twist connect brass nozzle to guarantee hands free secure seal throughout inflation. It also comes equipped with a set of adapters for airbeds, balls and other inflatables. 

Thanks to the 10 foot long power cord, it is easy to obtain access to all the vehicle's tires and its high quality plug can connect securely to any 12 volt DC vehicle outlet with an 8 to 9 amp current. The unit also comes with a one year warranty for customer's peace of mind and a free carrying bag for convenient portability. 

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