Best Off Road Air Compressors

Anyone with a passion for off-roading will know that a 4x4 off road air compressor is an essential piece of equipment. Tires can really suffer when it comes to rough and rocky off road terrain with its vertical drops and steep inclines, so an off road air compressor can really help to combat the problem of flat tires and bent rims.

The best off road air compressors are powered with 12 volt battery and some are even suitable to be mounted on the rear of a truck. Not only are off road air compressors ideal for inflating car tires, powering blow guns and ratchets, but they are also a great piece of equipment to take on a camping trip to inflate air mattresses and rafts.

This article outlines seven of the top selling products in this category to help you find the best off road air compressor to meet your needs.

This larger sized portable air compressor is able to rapidly inflate a tire of up to 35 inches from 0 to 30 PSI in less than 5 minutes simply by attaching the battery to the ready supplied heavy duty battery clamp power leads, attaching the air chuck to the tire valve stem and switching on the unit. 

It is possible to monitor air pressure with the 5-in-1 inline inflator/deflator gauge and hose that comes included. The Viair 400 comes with a handy travel case that makes it the perfect air compressor to keep in your car or take with you on any off road trip. As it is lightweight and able to connect to a car's battery, it is ultra-convenient and is capable of producing 150 PSI. 

With a CFM of 2.54 you can inflate toys, tires and camping equipment in a short space of time, and thanks to the anti vibration tray it has added stability. This air compressor is also protected by a VIAIR corporation warranty for a period of 12 months after purchase, so buyers can rest assured that any defects will be covered.

The Viair 70P is a small but powerful air compressor that is able to inflate tires of up to 225/65/R18. This product could not be simpler to use, simply plug into a 15 amp power port, connect to a valve stem and then activate the unit. 

It is possible to monitor tire pressure quickly and easily by temporarily switching off the unit and checking the top mounted in-built pressure gauge. Capable of producing a maximum of 100 PSI, this compressor is able to be connected with ease to the tire valve step, and as it is very lightweight at only 5.5 pounds. 

Also it can easily be transported from place to place. Its included carry case is extra convenient and only adds to this unit's portability. The Viair heavy duty portable air compressor is also surprisingly quiet when in use, and is amazingly speedy for a unit of this size, inflating tires in less than 5 minutes.

A essential piece of kit for any enthusiastic off roader, the Smittybilt 2781 universal air compressor is able to both air up and air down tires in order to meet the needs of different terrain types. The most powerful unit in its class, the Smittybilt 2781 has a 1/3 HP direct drive motor that is oil-free for easy maintenance. 

As it comes with its own inclusive travel carry case, this air compressor is also incredibly portable, and at only 15 pounds it is lightweight enough to mount on the rear of the majority of 4x4 trucks without affecting the vehicle's performance of suspension. 

Easy to operate and use, this compressor also has easy to read pressure gauges to give very accurate readings while its motor is long lasting, using a 30 amp fuse. The Smittybilt 2781 produces an impressive maximum PSI of 150 when running at full capacity and has a CFM rating of 5.65 resulting in an efficient, fast and powerful 4x4 air compressor that is capable of handling a wide variety of outdoor tasks.

Perfect for any serious off road enthusiast, the Viair 200 PSI ultra duty onboard air system is leading the way in its industry as a pre-packed compressed air solution. With a rating of 200 PSI and a 100% duty cycle, this 480C compressor is equipped with a 2.5 gallon air tank and all of the essential components that are required to install a working system that is more than capable of handling tasks such as inflating tires of almost any size. 

The unit is powered with a 12 volt battery connection and it can easily be mounted to a compatible vehicle, bringing its impressive 200 PSI to the off road market. While one of the major uses of this air system is to inflate large tires of 37" or more, this compressor is so powerful that it can even turn your vehicle into a mobile repair shop thanks to its six NPT port openings. 

Supplied with a host of essential pneumatic tools for off road adventurists, it couldn't be easier to use this compressor to inflate or deflate tires and to repair bent rims. Easy to maintain and operate, this system even comes with adapters, couples, gauge wire and an air hose, all protected by this off road compressor's one year warranty.

The Tuff Stuff Performance high volume portable air compressor can give you all the air that you need when going off road and is a high performance solution for inflating sports equipment and tires rapidly and efficiently. 

Thanks to its heavy duty, rugged construction, this is the perfect air compressor for both on and off road use, and when hitting rough terrain, it can even be used to air down tires to improve the quality of ride and to gain extra traction. 

This impressive compressor is able to fully inflate 35" tire in just three minutes with its 1.35 CFM air flow and maximum capacity of 150 PSI. Its in-built cooling fins protects against heat overloading to ensure this compressor will stay running efficiently for years to come. 

Its Anti Vibration Rubber Mounted Sand tray protects the unit from dirt and dust contamination while its compact size and light weight of just 11.86 lbs ensures that it is easy to transport from place to place. Easy to use and install, users simply need to remove it from its carrying bag, install the quick connect hose clamp and then use the supplied cable to connect the battery clamps. Just switch on the compressor and attach it to the valve stem and you're good to go.

One of the top rated off road air compressors, the Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow high-volume air compressor is ideal for a wide range of off road vehicles including trucks, RVs and SUVs. 

Whether you want it for every day uses such as blowing up soccer balls or need it to inflate a flat tire, this air compressor can handle the task with ease. Its 12 volts of power and capacity of 120 PSI can easily compete with its higher-priced competitors on the market. 

It comes with plenty of features including a 10 ft power cord, detachable 16-foot hose to connect the compressor to the tire, an in-built pressure gauge, and alligator clips which can directly hook onto the battery. Delivering a flow of up to 72 lpm, the MV50 comes with inclusive adapters and its own convenient carrying bag to make it extra portable.

The Air Armor M 240 operates at 2.11 CFM, and has a maximum working pressure of 120PSI. This impressive-looking air compressor comes in a stylish and convenient storage locker which is both steel powder coated and water resistant. 

This keeps the unit safe from the elements and stores an impressive array of no less than 27 supplied accessories including a tire repair kit, two gauges and a host of parts such as cores and valve caps. 

Thanks to its in-built over pressure bleed valve, the unit is protected against damage should the hose dead end and because of its 25 foot air service hose, all of the tires of long wheelbase vehicles can easily be accessed. 

Fast and easy to use, this powerful 12-Volt compressor is able to rapidly inflate a tire measuring 25" from 0-35 psi in under 5 minutes. While a little heavier than some of its competitors at 18.8 lbs, the strong case ensures the robustness of this product and helps to preserve its life for years.

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