Best Gas Powered Air Compressors

There are air compressors available for purchase on the market today to suit the needs of a wide range of customers and gas powered units are some of the most popular. Using gasoline as their source of power, these devices are able to be used in virtually any outdoor space and require no electrical hookup so they are ideal for use in even the remotest of locations. With a full gas tank, an air compressor of this type can handle any type of tasks from home improvements to construction jobs. 

A gas air compressor has a pilot unloader valve which will open or close depending on the pressure in the tank. This means that they operate continuously which is perfect for any heavy duty task which demands continuous pressurized air. If you need some help choosing the best gas powered air compressor to meet your needs, we have brought together a list of the seven top models so that you can make an informed decision.

This gas powered air compressor has an 8 gallon tank and combines heavy duty quality with ease of use. Its premium cast iron pumps guarantees a consistent and durable performance even under extreme conditions and the control panel which is integrated into the base plate gives protection to the plumbing and gauge regulator while providing a central point of operation.

Producing 9 CFM at 100 PSI, this unit provides ample air to handle any task and with its maximum PSI of 140, it is exceptionally powerful. Thanks to its oversized oil level sight glass, it couldn't be simpler to monitor the pump's oil level and with its ball valve tank drain, it is simple to empty and clean. 

There is reduced chance of damage from impacts thanks to the stainless steel exhaust tube and as it is made from a flexible material, there is less vibration between the contact points to extend the life of all components. This unit is protected by a one year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.

This powerful 20 gallon gas powered compressor has a horizontal tank and is ideal for all professional and heavy duty uses. This unit is robust and guarantees a long life with its cast iron belt driven single stage pump featuring a V-type cylinder design leading to improved cooling. 

Its Swedish steel floating type valves have a longer lifespan while the unit features Low Vibration Technology for smoother operation. Its Honda GX160 OHV gas engine guarantees excellent and reliable performance while this compressor can produce an impressive PSI of 130. 

This device also has a low oil automatic shut down feature for improved safety of use and with bearings on both ends of the crankshaft, the unit has improved support.

This air compressor is from the well known high quality Makita range and has an impressively short recovery time together with lower noise production, consistent performance on the job site and a longer tool life. 

With its powerful Honda GX160 four stroke engine, this device has an improved performance as well as superior reliability and thanks to its V-twin style pump, it runs much cooler than other units, providing up to 12.5 CFM at PSI 100 for a speedier recovery time. 

The Big Bore cylinder, cast iron pump and piston have all been engineered for improved durability and, unlike some other competitors' gas powered compressors, the couplers and gauges on this model are inbuilt on the motor and pump's base for improved protection and increased durability. 

Thanks to its inbuilt ergonomically designed industrial grade recoil starter and recoil rope design, start ups couldn't be quicker or easier.

This unit features a powerful Honda GV160 engine for improved power and reliability. Its 2 cylinder cast iron pump is durable and robust, delivering up 10.3 CFM and 5000 hours of pump life. 

With dual tanks, it has an 8 gallon capacity and with its dual couplers on its control panel, multiple users can operate tools at the same time. This air compressor is ideal for use on heavy duty and professional tasks which need intense pressure together with improved durability. 

This device also features a regulator and easy to read gauges for ease of use. With its handy wheelbarrow design with pull along handles, it is also portable enough to use in any location around the jobsite, making it the ideal choice for any industrial application.

This low maintenance gas powered air compressor is oil free and features a direct drive pump with a patented 2 piece cooling system for a longer lifespan. Its smooth engine performance has an easy start up and a reduced fuel consumption with lower emissions. 

This unit is able to produce a maximum pressure of 155 PSI for optimal tool performance and thanks to its pontoon design tank with dual 2 gallon tanks and cushioned handle grips, it is easy to transport around the job site to wherever power is needed. 

This is an incredibly durable tank which is capable of handling continuous operation in even harsh working conditions. Able to operate multiple tools at the same time, this unit's pump is made from thermally stable aluminum to run cooler even at high rpm. 

The Honda engine guarantees the most reliable performance and thanks to its overhead cam and valve design it starts easily and more smoothly. The unit features tool and tank gauges, a regulator and quick connectors. It is also protected by a manufacturer's 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

With its 30 gallon tank, this industrial strength air compressor is able to deliver optimal high air flow and is able to generate a CFM of 18 at 90 PSI. It can deliver a maximum PSI of 155 for impressive performance and enough power to operate heavy duty air tools. 

This air compressor also features a metal belt guard which has been designed to improve pump cooling by at least 60 degrees. Its OHV electric start 9HP engine features a 6 liter fuel tank as well as an automotive-style air cleaner and a 3 amp charging system. 

This model also meets CARB and EPA emission requirements The Industrial Air IHA909300 unit is able to be easily mounted in any service vehicle or truck for optimal convenience and portability and thanks to its automatic low oil shut off, it couldn't be safer to use.

This unit has been constructed from a cast iron solid cylinder combined with a highly durable steel air intake filter to provide optimal power for heavy duty project completion. 

Multiple users are able to work from this air compressor thanks to its 2 factory installed regulated air couplers and the device is able to produce a maximum PSI of 115. 

With its convenient wheelbarrow design, this air compressor can easily be transported around the job site to provide power wherever and whenever required. 

With a horsepower of 6.5, the Professional Woodworker gas powered compressor provides ample power for any task thanks to is 9 gallon air tank and Erergin engine which has held the Field Excellence record for a decade. 

This unit also comes protected by a one year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind for the purchase against any defects or faults. 

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