Best Electric Air Compressors

There are many uses for air compressors, including powering air tools, cleaning dust from surfaces or for spraying paint. An electric air compressor is often the preferred choice of DIY enthusiasts and professionals as they are not only low maintenance but require no refuelling as they run from the mains. An electric air compressor also does not release any emissions, so they are able to be run in an indoor environment that is small or unventilated without any worries about building up harmful carbon monoxide gas.

The majority of electric air compressors are equipped with a 110 volt or 240 volt engine, which is suitable for use with either a site or home power source. Both voltage types are able to produce an adequate amount of pressure to power the majority of air tools and to efficiently complete most jobs. 

However, it is also possible to find more powerful, high end electric air compressors that are up to 415 volts, and these are ideal for those who require regular compressor use and professionals who need a higher amount of pressure and a greater amount of air displacement.Here we look at some of the best electric air compressors on the market today so that you can choose the best electric compressor for you.

The Fini Advanced 1.5 HP 3 Gallon Stack Tank is able to deliver a professional level of power to any work site. With a maximum PSI of 150 as well as 125 PSI start up-pressure; this electric air compressor is able to provide more than enough air to power multiple high duty tools at one time. 

With its advanced oil-free pump technology, this compressor also has sound suppression which ensures many years of durable and reliable operation without requiring any oil or time consuming maintenance. Its sound suppression technology reduces excess noise to only 76 decibels resulting in a much more pleasant and quieter working environment. 

This compressor is fitted with twin 1.5 gallon horizontal air tanks and has a fitted roll cage to improve its balance and to reduce its weight to just 29 lbs. Additionally, it also features two quarter turn ball-valve tank drains to allow for easy draining, storage for the power cord, accessories and air hose and this air compressor also comes protected by an industry leading two year warranty for peace of mind.

This impressive electrical air compressor is able to provide the necessary speed and power for any finish and trim application, delivering excellent performance while having a useful hand-carry design. Portable and lightweight, there is no mess or regular maintenance required as the unit is oil free. 

It comes equipped with a regulator, quick disconnect coupler, outlet pressure gauges and a tank and is powered with a 1.5 HP induction motor while only requiring 8 amps. This makes it suitable for domestic use without the risk of tripping circuit breakers.

With its cold start valve, this compressor will function perfectly even in cold conditions and its rubber handle allows a secure, non-slip grip. Suitable for use by either keen DIYers or professionals alike, this unit has been built with the highest quality workmanship and produces low operating noise for use in indoor environments. It also comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

The DEWALT DWFP55126 6 Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor has a high efficiency electric motor which ensures easy start up even in cold weather or when using an extension cord. It comes equipped with a 165 max PSI 6 gallon tank and delivers 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI and this allows for a long tool run time and an impressively quick recovery time. 

The couplers and high flow regulator maximize the performance of air tools, and thanks to its oil free pump, a long life and maintenance free operation is guaranteed. This unit produces surprisingly little noise, with only 75.5 decibels being recorded, making this the perfect choice for a quiet work environment. 

This compressor features a console cover which protects its controls while being removable to allow for easy repairs. This unit also has two universal couplers which will easily support 2 users as well as a ball drain valve to allow rapid and thorough tank drainage. Its rubber leg covers prevent marring and it features a convenient cord wrap to allow for easy storage. Weighing only 30 lb, this electric air compressor is incredibly easy to carry and store.

The Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor has a 6 gallon tank that produces a maximum PSI of 150 max and 2.6 CFM delivered at 90 PSI. This allows for an impressively long tool run time and a very short recovery period. Thanks to its oil free operation, this unit requires no ongoing maintenance or refuelling which makes it very convenient to use and its Bostitch high efficiency motor ensures easy start up even in cold weather or when used with an extension cord. 

This compressor is relatively quiet to operate, producing only 78.5 decibels of operational noise and this results in a quiet working environment. As it weighs only 29 lb and has a narrow tank diameter this unit is very easy to carry and store. 

Its Bostitch couplers and high flow regulator are designed to ensure maximum air tool performance and its universal couplers can easily support 2 users. The unit's console cover is even removable to allow repairs of the controls to be carried out with ease and it also features a convenient cord wrap to enable easy storage.

The CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 5510SE Air Compressor is innovatively designed and is one of the quietest air compressors on the market today, producing only 60 decibels of sound. Its powerful 1.0 HP motor operates at just 1680 RPM and this results in less noise as well as less wear and tear. 

Its motor has been designed to increase the duty cycle while allowing for increased continuous run times. Its oil free system is not only engineered for durability and high performance but it also will never require any ongoing maintenance or refuelling. 

Its 5.5 gallon air tank is extremely lightweight at only 46 lbs, and as it is equipped with a wheel kit it is incredibly portable and easy to transport from location to location. This is the ideal air compressor for anybody who needs to work indoors where excessive noise is an issue.

This pancake compressor has been designed for maximum stability, with a water drain valve, rubber feet and a maximum PSI of 150. Its high pressure design allows for longer and more impressive air tool performance featuring 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI with a very quick recovery time. 

Thanks to its oil free pump this unit requires no ongoing maintenance, while its low amp 120 volt motor can easily start even in cold weather or when used with an extension cord. This compressor has an upgraded shroud with a protective hand and console cover for its vital components. 

Designed for simple transporting, this unit features a convenient cord wrap and comes with the protection of a 1 year limited warranty. Also included is a 13 piece accessory kit which includes a 25 foot nylon hose, a blow gun with attachments, a tire chuck, a tire gauge, a quick coupler, Teflon tape and plugs.

This 2.8 HP 26 Gallon, 150 PSI Air Compressor produces 4.1 CFM delivered at 90 PSI and features a 26 gallon tank with a maximum of 150 PSI. This enables it to rise to the challenge of any household task and the majority of professional applications. Thanks to its oil free pump this unit has a long lifespan and can be operated with ease. 

This also means that it is maintenance free and requires no refuelling. Its BOSTITCH high efficiency motor enables an easy start up even in cold weather conditions or when used with an extension cord. Its welded pull handle as well as its large 10 inch wheels enable ease of movement from place to place in the pro shop or home workshop with its pull handle serving as a convenient cord wrap.

 Its vertical tank configuration takes up very little space. It also features a ball valve drain allowing for rapid tank drainage. This is the ideal electric compressor for numerous uses including inflation, bolting, drilling, finish nailing and cutting.

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