Best 20 Gallon Air Compressors

Whether you are buying your first air compressor or need to upgrade to a larger model, you will need to find out all of the facts in order to make an informed decision. When choosing an air compressor, it is important to find one that matches the requirements of any air tool that you wish to use. 

The type you need will vary depending on whether you require it for powering heavy-duty machinery or just for odd-jobs such as inflating tires. You will need to pay attention to the horsepower offered by each air compressor to ensure that it will be powerful enough for your needs and the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating is also important to consider.

A 20 gallon air compressor is ideal for most domestic projects as it is powerful enough to handle most tasks around the home while still being portable enough to take from place to place. If you are looking for the best 20 gallon air compressor to suit your needs, you will find helpful reviews about the top selling products here.

This top rated air compressor is a V-twin cylinder, oil lubricated pump compressor made from cast iron. Equipped with a dual voltage motor, it is wired for standard 120 volt outlets, although it can also be converted for use with 240 volt applications. 

Electrically powered and belt driven, the vertical tank features pneumatic tires, and is therefore conveniently portable. This air compressor is equipped with pressure gauges, a quick-set regulator and a quick connect air outlet. It produces a maximum pressure of 135 psi and the unit is both UL and CSA certified. 

It produces more than enough CFMs for most domestic uses and its set up process is simple and user-friendly. This unit is also much quieter to run than some of its competitors and comes with a two year warranty for the customer's peace of mind.

Heavy duty and durable, the NorthStar compressor has been constructed with a cast iron V-twin pump as well as cast iron heads, resulting in optimal heat dissipation. This unit has an impressive capacity and is more than capable of handling a broad spectrum of tasks, it is even tough enough to use commercially. 

Reliably built by a high quality manufacturer, the NorthStar air compressor has been created using superior technology. Its cast iron heads and oil lubricated V-twin pump ensure a long service life for dependable operation over the years. Thanks to its oil-lubricated belt drive pump, this air compressor runs efficiently and quietly. 

The belt drive oil-lubricated pump on this NorthStar 2 HP, 20-Gallon Horizontal Air Compressor runs quietly and efficiently and it is conveniently portable thanks to its steel ball bearing, smooth-rolling wheels and no-flat tires. This product is backed up by an industry-leading warranty so customers can have complete peace of mind.

This top rated gas powered air compressor has a twin cylinder, cast iron, oil-lubricated pump which features a one-piece crankcase made from cast iron and a cast iron cylinder body that is thermally stable. 

It has an aluminum valve plate and head as well as hard-wearing Swedish stainless steel valves, automotive style ball bearings, and an easily accessible oil fill. This compressor's motor is a heavy duty induction type for maximum efficiency and performance with 1.0 RHP. 

It is a high quality unit that functions effectively and quietly, making it ideal for use indoors. It is ideal for all day use, holding pressure well, and produces enough power for a wide range of tasks. This unit comes ready set-up for immediate and convenient use and it is small enough to be portable, weighing only 166 lbs.

This air compressor has an oil-free pump and induction motor ensuring that it offers continuous tool operation together with dependable and impressive performance. Extremely low maintenance, this 20 gallon air compressor has no need to change the oil or check its levels and it also allows for a longer running time even on high power consumption tools. 

With its low voltage start-up, its motor windings are high quality and robust and there are no pulleys or belts to maintain making this air compressor a convenient option. Weighing only 97 pounds and featuring 7 inch rubber wheels, it is portable and mobile while being safe to use thanks to its fully-enclosed shroud that covers all its working components. 

The unit is also relatively quiet to run, making it perfect for use even in enclosed spaces. This unit produces 4 CFM at 90 psi and 5 CFM at 40 psi and has 1.5 RHP. Its 20 gallon tank is ASME certified and it comes equipped with quick connect, gauges and a regulator.

The Campbell Hausfeld 20 gallon air compressor is highly rated and high performing. Perfect for use for many projects around the home, its cylindrical tank design is ideal for keeping storage space to a minimum and for ease of handling. It is easy to move from place to place thanks to the wheels that are fitted to the tank and it only weighs around 100 pounds making it light enough to transport.

Thanks to its oil free air pump it is very low maintenance and it comes equipped with a regulator for automatic air flow regulation. This air compressor produces a maximum PSI of 150 and it is protected by a one year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind. 

Users can regulate the pressure to suit their needs thanks to the pressure valve and because of its steel tank; it is incredibly durable, as it is brass drain which is rust resistant. All of this air compressor's gauges and controls are easily accessible and this makes its operation a breeze, and it can even be disassembled for convenient transport in vehicles.

With its 20 Gallon cast iron tank, this air compressor is oil lubricated and belt driven, featuring a cast iron twin cylinder pump together with a single piece cast iron crankcase. Its cast iron cylinder-style body is thermally stable, and it also features an aluminum valve plate and head as well as automotive style ball bearings and Swedish stainless steel reed valves which are highly durable. 

It has an easy to access oil fill and a 12 inch balanced cast iron flywheel. This air compressor boasts maximum efficiency and performance thanks to its heavy duty induction motor and it affords 155 PSI maximum pressure to ensure optimal tool performance. 

Its 20 gallon ASME tank comes with pre-attached pneumatic tires allowing maximum portability. This compressor's dual voltage motor is suitable for use with a standard 120 Volt outlet but it can be converted for 240 volt application should the need arise. The Powermate VxPPA1982054 air compressor comes ready shipped with synthetic oil allowing impressive performance and longevity. It features a quick-set regulator and working pressure gauges.

This 20 gallon air compressor is oil free and therefore ensures easy cold weather starts and low maintenance operation, with no need to check or change oil. There are also no pulleys or belts to replace, making it convenient and easy to use. It produces an impressive maximum PSI of 125 and its RHP is 1.5. 

This unit is both CSA and UL certified and the compressor comes with a bonus value kit included. This comprises a 25' recoil air hose, an inflation need and adapter, a quick coupler with connectors, a thread sealant, a dual tire chuck and a blow gun together with s safety nozzle. 

The Pro-Force vertical air compressor is very portable thanks to its cushioned handle grip and pre-attached wheels and it is also very safe to use thanks to its fully enclosed shroud which covers all of its working components. Compatible for use with 120 volt standard outlets it enables quick and easy use and it even comes completely assembled. The unit is equipped with pressure gauges, a pressure regulator and a quick connect air outlet.

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