Best 2 Stage Air Compressors

There are two main types of air compressor, single stage and two stage. A two stage air compressor works in a similar way to a single stage unit except they compress the air in two stages. During the first stage, the air is drawn in and is compressed until it has reached an intermediate pressure. 

After this first stage, the air will be piped through an intercooler which cools the air before allowing it to be compressed in the second stage. A two stage compressor can usually produce pressures of up to 200 PSI and are much more efficient at these high pressures as the air is cooled down between stages. 

A two stage air compressor is ideal for professional and heavy duty applications and is an asset to any job site or workshop. If you want to find the best 2 stage air compressor to meet your needs, you can find out more in these helpful product reviews.

This powerful air compressor from well known manufacturer DeWalt is designed for heavy duty work. With its industrial strength performance, it can deliver maximum CFM at 175 PSI and provide ample power to operate multiple devices and air tools at once. 

Featuring an industrial duty, cast iron 2 stage compressor pump together with oversized taper roller bearings, splash type lubrication, a cast iron fully balanced flywheel and hardened steel disc valves, this air compressor is built to last and has an impressively long lifespan. 

It is also safe to use, with a thermal overload protection system built in to its electric motor. With its 80 gallon tank, this unit produces 82 decibels, which is relatively quiet for a unit of its size. The patented pump design ensures cooler running while the oil level sight glass eliminates guesswork and makes refilling a breeze.

Ingersoll Rand's air compressors provide unrivalled performance and are capable of handling even the most demanding of applications. With more than 75 years of experience in the industry, the company has now produced the Type 30 compressor which is recognized as a benchmark within the industry for reliability, power and quality and is among the top selling products in their class. 

This product comes with a 1 year warranty that can be extended to 2 years when the appropriate maintenance kit is used. This unit produces an impressive maximum PSI of 175 and features an 80 gallon tank with more than enough air and power to complete a broad spectrum of heavy duty tasks within the workshop or job site. 

The pump is made from cast iron and is splash lubricated with a pump life of around 10,000 hours. With its 5 HP motor, this stationary two stage air compressor is ideal for any task you can throw at it.

Anyone in need of an exceptionally powerful two stage air compressor, the Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 is the ideal solution. Perfect for professional level jobs which require intense durability and high pressure, this vertical compressor with its 80 gallon tank will provide more than enough power to handle any task. 

Its power is driven by its 230 volt 5 HP motor which comes with inbuilt overload protection for extra safety when in use. Its pump is made of solid cast iron for improved robustness and it is able to deliver up to a maximum of 175 PSI, working with multiple air tools at one time. 

Its pump life is a minimum of 10,000 hours and with its convenient oil sight glass, oil levels can be easily checked and refilled. Its 80 gallon tank is also certified to produce a maximum pressure of 200 PSI for extra safe operation and added power and durability. This heavy duty unit is perfect for any workshop or job site.

Designed for robust lifelong use, this Quincy air compressor has been constructed for lower operation costs and high efficiency. It runs at a lower RPM meaning that it runs cooler and costs less to operate. 

With an impressive 30,000 hours pump life, this unit comes protected with a one year limited warranty, which can be extended to two years with the purchase of an extended warranty kit. This air compressor can produce a maximum PSI of 175 and delivers a CFM of 15.2 at its maximum PSI. 

Its 60 gallon tank has a horsepower of 5HP. This unit is less prone to vibrations and is more stable than its predecessors and with fewer moving parts; it has improved reliability for long term use. 

Its splash lubricated pump is made from cast iron for better durability and with a 3450 RPM motor; it can deliver continuous use for your workshop or job site. Safety measures are also well taken care of, with a receiver tank, pressure relief valve and discharge being built in.

This high quality two stage air compressor from Puma features an oil lubricated pump that is made from cast iron for improved durability and longer lasting performance. 

Featuring a half inch outlet ball valve and a quarter inch drain ball valve, the vertical tank can easily and conveniently be drained. This unit runs at 3 HP and produces a maximum PSI of 175. The 40 gallon tank is CRN and ASME certified so the user can be assured of its safety and reliability. 

With its smaller dimensional size, this vertical unit is easier to store than competitor's horizontal models and this allows more space to be freed up in the workshop or jobsite. This is the ideal air compressor for any heavy industrial use and can handle any task that is thrown at it.

Built to the highest specifications within the USA, this Ingersoll Rand two stage air compressor ensures continuous heavy duty operations thanks to its cylinders and pump which are made of 100% cast iron for improved durability and longer lifespan. 

It features an oversized balanced belt wheel made from cast iron as well as oversized bearings of industrial grade. All of these ensure robustness of operation. The unit's high efficiency parts include an intercooler, stainless steel valves and inlet air filters that have sound attenuation baffles. 

With fewer moving parts, reliability is increased while the air cooled intercooler reduces condensation and compressed air temperature. A lower operating temperature is assured by the V block deep finned cylinders which provide 360 degree cooling. With its fully enclosed motor sheave, belt and flywheel, this unit is OHSA compliant and all of the units are prewired and fully tested before shipping.

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