Best 12 Volt Air Compressors

A 12 volt air compressor is the ideal solution for a broad spectrum of light to medium duty tasks. Small and light enough to be portable, a 12 volt unit can easily be transported in a vehicle for tire inflation in an emergency, and is also perfect for use on camping trips to inflate air mattresses, balls and beach toys. 

While 12 volt air compressors may not be suitable for more heavy duty or professional tasks and may be rather more noisy than some other units, they are great for use on the go, or for keeping in the garage or workshop where they won't take up too much space but will prove useful for all kinds of jobs. 

Here, we round up seven of the top rated units available for purchase on the market today. You can find out all the information that you need to know about these best sellers so that you can make an informed decision about the best 12 volt air compressor to meet your needs.

This Viair 00088 88P unit is ideal for car and bike owners as it is ideal for re-inflating tires in an emergency situation. Conveniently portable, this device weighs just 1 lb and has very small dimensions of just 10 x 6 x 6". 

Suitable for inflating tires of up to 33 inches, this small device is pretty powerful, being able to minimize tire filling time while producing less noise than some of its competitors in its class. With its in-built pressure gauge, it is easily to quickly and conveniently check the tire pressure by simply switching the unit off and reading the gauge. 

This compressor has a rated usage up to 120 PSI and with its bleeder valves; you can easily reduce pressure to find the perfect level. There is also an LED power indicator to assist with the filling process. 

With its long 12 foot air hose and 9 foot power cord, it is easy to reach tires on all sides of the vehicle, and thanks to the gearless drive motor, it is exceptionally efficient. With its stainless steel valves and high performing piston ring it is well protected from moisture and dust and is certainly one of the best units in its price bracket.

One of the smaller Viair units, this air compressor is very portable yet is still capable of handling inflation of tires up to 225/65/R18. Operating at a maximum PSI of 100, this unit needs a minimum of 15 amps and comes complete with its own handy carrying bag. 

It features an inbuilt pressure gauge for simple checking and a brass twist-on tire chuck. This is an incredibly compact unit measuring just 2 x 8.5 x 8 inches and weighing just 5 lbs. This unit promises smooth operation, quieter noise levels and a faster inflation time, as well as having a longer length cable which enables easy reach to all four car wheels. 

The included carry bag comes with a host of inclusive accessories, making it ideal for camping and outdoor trips. The Viair 00073 is a heavy duty unit which generates a lower temperature when in use. It also draws less current, protecting against the chances of blowing a fuse and overheating. This unit is compatible with any vehicle's cigarette lighter port and even works well under cold conditions.

This unit is ideal for those who require rapid tire inflation as it is packed with features and comes in at an affordable price. The Slime 40026 is capable of inflating the average tire from 0 PSI to 35 PSI in just 2 minutes making it one of the fastest units in its class. 

Ideal for all kinds of tires from cars and motorcycles to ATVs, this is a powerful unit with 2 cylinders so that it can operate in the same way as a full scale air compressor. With its internal thermal break, it is adequately protected from overheating and unlike its more heavy duty competitors, it is relatively inexpensive. 

With its 30 foot reach, it is easy to reach all four tires of your vehicle and inflation couldn't be easier as you simply attach the air hose to the compressor, screw the end connector to the tire's valve system and attach the clamps to the 12 volt battery. Not only is this device portable, it is also very durable and thanks to its folding handle, it is very easy to transport in its inclusive carry case.

Capable of inflating tires of up to 33", this unit is effortless and powerful. With a PSI rating of 150, it is easy to use and the tire pressure can easily be measured thanks to the 5-in-1 inflator and deflator which is aligned with the pressure gauge. 

This device comes with its own handy soft carrying case which holds a range of useful accessories such as an air hose, inflation tips and double heavy duty battery clamps. 

This unit is capable of fulfilling many functions including air up, air down, air up sporadically, air down sporadically, and tire pressure checking. Also included is a sand tray with vibration isolators, an inline fuse holder and an 8 foot power cable. 

The Viair 300P air compressor comes protected by the manufacturer's one year limited warranty so the purchaser is well protected against any defects or imperfections.

Lightweight and compact, it couldn't be easier to store this air compressor which is perfect for occasional light use. It presents the ideal solution to re-inflating a flat tire when out and about in the car and is also great for use on camping trips to inflate air mattresses or at the beach to blow up balls and pool toys. 

With its PSI capacity of 140, it provides power that is comparable to many other more expensive air compressors and it also includes an on-board pressure gauge. 

The Q Industries HV-35 is able to supply 25 liters of air per minute through its three foot hose and with its 5 foot power cord; it gives the user all the freedom that they require to inflate any equipment or tires. The unit comes with its own handy storage bag and inclusive adapters for easy inflation of sporting equipment.

This unit is perfect for inflating the tires of any car or pickup. With its double air supplying efficient design, it means that tires are able to be inflated in just three to five minutes and it is a lot more durable thanks to its metal cylinder than other plastic compressor units. 

The Betooll HW0154 has a maximum PSI of 140 and can be operated through a 12 volt vehicle cigarette lighter socket. It comes complete with an easy to read pressure gauge, three different nozzle adapters as well as a sports needle for inflating sporting equipment. 

As it is compact and lightweight, it is incredibly portable making it perfect for storing in a vehicle or taking out and about on camping and outdoor trips. This device is very easy to use, as it is simply connected directly to the battery using clamps.

Portable yet powerful, this unit is the ideal solution to all on the move and household inflation tasks. With its illuminated pressure gauge, it is simple to control inflation and thanks to its auto shut off feature, inflation couldn't be simpler. 

This device can be used with either a standard home power socket or a vehicle's 12 volt cigarette lighter for complete versatility and is powerful enough to handle a broad range of tasks as it can provide power of up to 160 PSI. 

Thanks to its small dimensions and low weight at just 6 lbs, this is a very portable unit which is suitable for transportation from place to place or for storing in a corner of the garage or workshop. 

The device comes complete with a standard nozzle, extension nozzle, needle inflator for sporting equipment, a 120 V cord and plug and a 12 volt cord and plug. This impressive air compressor is also covered by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind. 

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