Best 30 Gallon Air Compressors

A large capacity air compressor can be very beneficial when doing large scale jobs around the home. An air compressor with a 30 gallon tank is also an essential piece of equipment for many professionals who use pneumatic tools. Air compressors with such a large tank can be heavy and hard to move around. When shopping for an air compressor of this size, it's important to consider where you'll be using it. 

If it's for home use and you won't be moving it around, size and weight won't matter as much unless you have limited storage. If you're looking for an air compressor that you'll be putting in and out of a work truck or van, you'll need to find one that is movable and doesn't take up a lot of space in your vehicle. What you'll be powering with the compressor is also a consideration when shopping for them. 

Most compressors of this size are capable of powering nearly any type of pneumatic tool but they won't work as long as the larger tank compressors without a refill or air. The trade off is that the 30 gallon is much easier to move. When shopping for air compressors online, check reviews to find one that works well for your specific needs. The following are 7 of the best 30 gallon air compressors available.

The Dewalt 30 gallon compressor is a good option for someone seeking a unit that is portable. It weighs in at 190 pounds. This compressor is capable of powering many different types of tools while running for a long time without needing a refill. 

It is equipped with a cast iron, oil-lubricated pump and the oil is included in the shipment. The compressor is gas powered and has a dual voltage motor for use with 120 volt outlets as well as 240 volt. The unit stands vertical and the tank is ASME certified and has wheels for easy maneuverability. 

It has an output of 7.0 CFM at 40 PSI and 5.7 CFM at 90 PSI with a maximum pressure of 155 PSI. This compressor is made of high-quality and durable materials with a cast iron crankcase, cast iron cylinder body and stainless steel reed valves. The motor makes for efficient work during even the toughest jobs.

This unit from Campbell Hausfield is powered by a 2 horsepower motor that has an expected work life of 5000 hours. It's priced above some others on the list but its durability and power makes it a very good option for someone seeking a hard working compressor. 

It has a two stage cast iron pump that can power things like nail guns, sprayers and many other tools. It weighs 178 pounds and is designed to be portable with large wheels and a handle for control. 

The footprint is relatively small for a 30 gallon tank and would be ideal for those with limited storage space. The unit is powered by gas and is has easy to read gauges in a convenient location for monitoring conditions during usage.

This air compressor from Porter Cable has an oil-lubricated cast iron pump and runs at 1.6 horsepower. The unit weighs 165 pounds and is one of the lighter versions available in the 30 gallon tank capacity. It has pneumatic tires for portability and should roll easily over most surfaces. 

The heavy duty induction motor means you can get the job done efficiently. It can power most any type of tool that requires compressed air and should run for many hours without needing a refill. It has internal parts made of quality materials, including cast iron, to ensure durability and a long lasting piece of equipment. 

The sight glass allows for easy monitoring of oil level to prevent damage to the machine due to low oil. Gauges are very user friendly and easy to operate. It has an output of 6.2 CFM at 40 PSI and 5.3 CFM at 90 PSI with a maximum pressure of 135 PSI. It can be used at 120 volt or 240 volt.

This compressor has a different design than the others on the list and is the hot dog style rather than upright. This makes the unit easier to roll on most surfaces, especially with the tires, but it also means it will take up more space in the truck or van and require a bigger place to store it when not in use. 

This particular unit is one of the higher priced portable units on the list. The higher price is due to the fact that this compressor operates at 2 horsepower, more than most others, and has the capacity to have a higher output than others. 

It would be ideal for someone seeking a quality piece of equipment for work but may be too much for the casual shopper looking for a simpler option. It weighs 185 pounds and works well for powering things like sanders, sprayers, grinders, drills and many other tools. It has a cast iron, oil-lubricated pump. Gauges are easy to read and allow for simple monitoring while in use.

Industrial Air has built a compressor that can deliver a maximum pressure of 155 PSI with a CFM of 5.7 at 90 PSI and a CFM of 7.0 at 40 PSI. This allows for much power to the unit and should help get even the most difficult jobs done quickly and with ease. It's equipped with an oil-lubricated cast iron pump for durability. 

It has a dual voltage motor ready to be wired in to allow it to function at the standard 120 volts or converted to 240. The 30 gallon tank is ASME certified and should allow for many hours of work without a refill. 

This unit is designed to be portable and while it weighs 185 pounds, it has pneumatic tires attached for easily rolling it from place to place. It also comes with the oil needed for the pump. It has a quick-set regulator, pressure gauges and an on/off switch that are all easily accessible.

The design of this unit is much different from the others as it is made to be mounted onto the work vehicle. Its high price and design make it a unit designed with the professional in mind. 

This is not a compressor that can be moved from one place to another by wheels but is for use from the work vehicle. It has a cast iron 3 cylinder pump with a maximum output of 155 PSI. 

It's very powerful with a 9 V Honda engine with 9 horsepower. It should work well for any type of tool and should help get the job done quickly. It includes the synthetic oil needed for operation and is gas powered. 

This is the most powerful, and by far the most expensive, 30 gallon air compressor on the list. This gas powered unit was designed especially for professionals who need a reliable compressor that can do various strenuous jobs at the workplace. 

It's intended as a stationary unit and weighs in at 455 pounds so it's not portable like others on the list. It has an ASME certified tank and 100% cast iron construction for durability and strength. 

The Honda engine has 13 horsepower making it the much more powerful than the rest. The pump has removable cylinders and a finned copper intercooler. Even though this unit is very powerful, the precision tuned crankshaft makes it run smoothly without making much noise.


An air compressor with a 30 gallon tank can be an essential tool for many people on the job. These compressors are also great to have when working outdoors and doing heavy duty jobs around the home. 30 gallon tanks allow for a greater capacity of work and can power most any type of pneumatic tool. When shopping for a 30 gallon compressor, always check reviews for things like portability and how well the unit works for particular tasks.

A 30 gallon compressor will be quite heavy, most are slightly less than 200 pounds, so you'll want to be sure it was designed to be moved around easily if you know you'll need it in different places. These units can also be big and take up a lot of space so the size and design of the unit should be considered before purchase. 

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