Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors

Air compressors can be a very valuable tool to have for professionals or those who do a lot of heavy projects around their home or farm. An air compressor with a 60 gallon tank has the capacity to work on the job site for long periods of time any can power many different types of equipment and tools. With a 60 gallon tank you can power tools needed in machine shops, car repair shops and other industrial type jobs. These air compressors aren't particularly portable and aren't intended to be. 

They are quite large and heavy pieces of equipment that are used for heavy duty work. Those shopping online for a 60 gallon tank air compressor can read reviews from previous buyers of the product to find the one best suited for their needs. It's important to compare things like the loudness of the unit, the maintenance required and the PSI generated by the unit. A quality unit should have an easy to read pressure gauge and an accessible on/off switch. 

Some units will also come with accessories while others require the purchase of additional equipment before they can be used. Weight and size should also be a consideration since most of these units are large, heavy and require a significant amount of space for storage. The following 6 air compressors with 60 gallon tanks are some of the best available for purchase.

Top 6 Air Compressors With 60 Gallon Tanks:

This air compressor weighs 228 pounds. The compressor is electric powered and is quote noisy when used indoors. It has a maximum PSI of 155. The cfm voltage at 40 PSI is 13.4 and at 90 PSI it's 11.5. 

This unit stands 68 inches tall but doesn't have the footprint of some other industrial designed units so it can work well in the home garage. It is equipped with a hi-flow single stage compressor for maximum power to tools and equipment. 

It has a cast iron twin cylinder oil lubricated pump and comes with the synthetic oil needed to service the unit. The crankcase is designed as one piece and is also constructed of cast iron. The spread voltage motor gives the unit the capability to run on 208 or 240 volts without needing wiring changes.

This 60 gallon air compressor from Porter Cable is equipped with a pressure gauge and on/off switch for convenience and safety during use. It has a 3.7 horsepower running power and a 240 volt induction motor for maximum running ability. This unit weighs 236 pounds and is 68 inches tall. 

It's designed as a stationary unit and not meant as a portable compressor due to size and weight. It features a cast iron, twin cylinder, oil lubricated pump. It works well for things like ratchets, impacts and spray guns. The air receiver on the unit is designed to provide more air for longer run times on one tank without a refill. 

At 40 PSI the unit puts out 13.4 CFM and at 90 PSI it puts out 11.5 CFM. Porter Cable is confident in their equipment and they offer support for this machine through their customer help line should purchasers have any questions or need any assistance with the unit once it's received.

Puma Industries has created a 60 gallon air compressor that is relatively quiet and very powerful. It has a high capacity and runs at 3 horsepower. It has a maximum PSI of 135 and weighs in at 305 pounds, making it one of the heaviest on the list. 

It's 71 inches tall and comes with oil needed to lubricate before you run the machine. It's not designed to be moved around and is somewhat large and bulky. It's intended for use for most industrial and professional jobs and should have sufficient power to run most any type of machine that uses compressed air. 

It has an oil-lubricated single stage cast iron pump for easy maintenance and smooth running. The motor is a single phased induction motor and it features overload protection to prevent damage to unit and tools being used with the unit. The CFM at 90 PSI is 12 and the CFM at 40 PSI is 13.5 which means it provides slightly higher CFM than others on the list.

This unit has a 3 horsepower single phase motor that is capable of running for long periods of time without needing a refill. The unit has a durable construction of cast iron and the components are precision engineered to ensure that it runs efficiently. 

It's lightweight compared to other units on the list and while it's not actually considered portable, at 178 pounds it will be easier to move around than the others on the list. It is electric powered and has a 230 voltage capacity. 

The unit is not shipped with the oil needed to run the lubricated belt-driven motor so that would need to be purchased separately before using the compressor. It has a manual drain system and the motor is relatively quiet when the power of the unit is considered.

The 60 gallon air compressor from Industrial Air is the most expensive on the list. With that higher price comes the advantages of using a three cylinder pump motor. The components are made from cast iron and feature an oil lubricated pump with splash type lubrication. 

It's electric powered and has a capacity of 240 volts. This unit also offers the most power on the list at 4.7 horsepower. It weighs 287 pounds and is quite tall at 76 inches. It's designed to work for those who need heavy duty power for industrial, mechanical and agricultural tools. 

This unit would likely be too costly for the average home owner looking for an air compressor and also provides much more power than most casual home projects. It has a pressure gauge and on/off switch for easy operation.

The Campbell Hausfeld 60 gallon air compressor is lighter than some of the other units at 254 pounds and is 71 inches tall. This unit has a smaller footprint than some of the larger units so it may work well for those with less space for storage. It features a cast iron oil-lubricated twin cylinder pump for low maintenance. 

The tank is durable and safe and meets ASME codes for greater air storage. It's a very quiet unit which means it will work well in a residential setting. It has a high air flow capacity to power many types of tools efficiently. 

It has a product life of up to 5000 hours of use which should make it last well through many heavy duty jobs for professionals or those who do a lot of difficult jobs around the home. It runs at a maximum of 3 horsepower and is electric powered. The gauges on the unit are easy to read and it is equipped with a 3/4 inch discharge port.


Air compressors are convenient for many tasks and are essential for many heavy home improvement projects as well as an important piece of equipment for those who work in industrial, mechanical and agricultural jobs. Having a hard working air compressor can make it easier and quicker to get many jobs done around the work place and at home. 

A 60 gallon tank air compressor has the power and capacity to run different types of tools including air brushing equipment, impact tools and ratchets. The large tank can run for long periods of time without needing to stop for a tank refill. These units are large and bulky and can take up a considerable amount of space. Many of them are also noisy. 

For these reasons, units this large are mostly designed for professionals rather than those who occasionally need an air compressor for home projects. The price of these units also reflect the fact that they are designed for heavy jobs. The units on the list are all great options for those who are seeking a high powered air compressor with a large capacity to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

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